Monday, 21 January 2008

One Purpose For Illness

written to a male internet friend with Fibro:
    I have had a number of near death experiences, and I actually fought with the spirit that was talking to me on my first near death experience and told him I would not go back to earth until I got some answers. He said "What do you want to know?" and I sat down and he answered questions for so long that it filled 7 large pages when I woke up and wrote it all down before I forgot it. I said "I can't even serve the Lord in that kind of body. What good am I down there? I can't even complete the reason I was put on earth." The spirit told me that pain and illness keep us away from rich, shallow, selfish people, keeps us out of the world, and makes us closer to God. The lessons we learn from being sick, from communing with God through prayer when we are suffering, are priceless, and can't be learned any other way. I wouldn't give up that knowledge or that feeling of love and security for anything. Life is just a short 3 hour movie compared to the eternity that was before earth life and the eternity that will be after earth life. "Be still, and know that I am" was one of the first things I was told through inspiration, when I was 16. I was so hyper, and could have taken on the world, but I would have been more worldly instead of spiritual. Whenever the Lord needed me to slow down and listen, He slowed me down. Now I'm at a complete halt and I watch the world spin around me, but others come to me and tell me things they would not tell anyone else, because they know that I am one of their few friends that understands what suffering is. I know men don't talk to other men about weaknesses and suffering, but if anyone did need someone to talk to, I bet they would choose you to come talk to, because they know you would not judge them for having a weakness. I was told that even if I eventually became bedridden, that the Lord would find ways to send people to me to help. That was in 1979 or so, before there was even such a thing as a home computer or the internet. Now I am bedridden, and I can share the Lord's love with people from all corners of the earth all in one day. Even a rich, healthy person can't do that without the internet!
    We are internet disciples. We are healing souls, helping people, one person at a time. Some have the mission of speaking to stadiums of thousands at a time, some have the calling of reaching thousands of people, one at a time. Then that person passes love and wisdom on to another person, and when we get to the other side, we will see all the people we were able to help from our bed our couch, through the ripple effect.
    There is a purpose for being ill. We are a tool in the Lord's hands, even if we are a weak tool. We don't have to be perfect, we just have to be willing, and we will be more useful to the Lord than the 95% or so of the world that are not willing to help the Lord; that want to live for their own pleasure only.
     When I joined the online fibro support group, I couldn't believe how every one of them was spiritual, compassionate, and had many other personality traits in common. I wondered if a certain personality type was prone to getting fibro, or if the fibro created that personality type. It is both. Surveys have shown that people with lupus, fibro and CFS are usually type A, driven, perfectionistic, which makes their illness even more frustrating, but the fibro does change them into type B, imperfect, non-demanding, calmer and more spiritual....if they let it. You can let the disease make you better, or bitter. Life is just too hard to live it being bitter...so I let the Lord help carry my load, and life is better. The social part of this disease is so very tough. Tougher than the pain sometimes. It's quite a trial.
     Maybe you already read my post about the Dr. who wrote a very wrong and cruel report about fibro in the New York Times, and I was asking people to write to the Editor and tell them that the Dr. is all wrong and behind the times in what they have learned about fibro. If you didn't read it, would you please go to my blog and read the first and second entries?
    Blessings to you !!!
 `·.¸.·´  Bluebirdy
I try to take one day at a time -- but sometimes several days attack me at once.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you
hope and a future. "     Jer. 29:11.


Hi Bluebirdy,
I'm sorry, but our computer is busted so that I can not make much of a comment here. Sorry if I cannot answer your email too. I'm just doing this in an internet cafe and it's not very comfortable here. I'll be back as soon as I can. God bless you and your family always.

Hi Bluebirdy,
I'm very sorry that it's only now that I can make a comment on your post. Our computer just broke down and it's only now that it's fixed. What can I say? Your life long suffering has given you wisdom far beyond that of a normal man. Probably, that's the way the Lord intended it to be. We just have to trust His purpose for your life. I'm so sorry for the many pains and sufferings that you have gone through and are still going through. But I still believe that there is light at the end of a tunnel. Your tunnel has been so long and dark, I hope you will come out from it very soon. God bless you my dear friend with God's unfailing grace to tide you over until your eventual healing comes. And may you be a light of the world and a salt of the earth for the glory of our God. God bless you and your family. Have a wonderful and peaceful time in Canada always.

Very nicely written. A great letter.

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