Thursday, 13 August 2009

He Will Show Thee Miracles

I am being led more and more to people who have experienced miracles and supernatural experiences. I find that many, if not most churches and congregations have stopped believing in such things. I have had multiple clergymen from different faiths attack my near death experiences and my multiple times that my mother and I were both saved from death when the doctors said it was not possible. When our loving Lord walked the earth, He showed God's power through the manipulation of natural laws, and told others to believe in these things. The Bible, right up until the birth of the Lord is full of supernatural occurrences. So why are so many Christians and Christian leaders "dead" to works and miracles now? When I get time, I will write on the many miracles I have received in my life. At the moment I don't have time, but it is one of my goals. If I had more time/energy to spend on the computer, I would probably start a whole new blog dedicated to miracles and supernatural experiences attributed to the Lord, but when my husband returns, I will have very little computer time. Instead, I am going to add to my sidebar "Blogs about miracles" and "websites about miracles", which will include GOD CENTERED supernatural events.

In my first NDE (near death experience), I was told that as the Lord's return gets closer, there will be more and more supernatural occurrences, so many that they will no longer be called supernatural. There will be both good and evil supernatural activities, and that the veil between the spirit world and this world will be thinner and thinner. There will be more understanding about things unseen, and even scientific proof of such things. These things are happening. There are now multiple instruments used when checking out haunted houses, and those instruments show evidence right when the unnatural events are happening.

So many believe "If you can't see it, it doesn't exist." I don't understand that thinking. You can't see oxygen, but it's there. You can't see germs (until recently no one could see them because there were no microscopes) but they are there. You can't see emotions or feelings, you can only see how a person acts when having emotions...yet emotions exist. Those who don't believe in God because they are too blind to see His manifestations, will soon see things they can't deny.

I also believe there will be many preachers and clergy who will not be taken up in the rapture, because they talk all day about Jesus, just as a career, a money making business, not because of their close relationship with the Lord.

So here is just another hobby/interest of mine being added to the blog. I have loved studying signs of the last days. It was the subject I studied most about for many many years. We had a study group weekly that was affectionately nicknamed "The Doomsday Club" because we only studied signs of the last days. Now it is great to live to see the revelations coming true. These are 2 of my very intense interests. Signs of the last days, and miracles. I hope the blogs and sites I share will help your faith to grow.


Disclaimer: The blogs, websites I post about miracles and supernatural does not mean I believe all that is written on them, or that I condone or associate with any of the groups/sects/people involved.


hi sheila. thinking of you today. included you in my friday prayer list. (((HUGS)))

Hi Sheila:)

Very interesting post.

All of us want miracles in our lives but we don't see and appreciate the miracles that are happening in our lives and all around us every day.

I might sound silly but consider this: If I get up in the morning it is a miracle, if I can breathe it is a miracle, if I can walk it is a miracle, if the sun rises in the morning it is a miracle, if it rains it is a miracle. But we take all these things for granted because it is happening day after day. We are looking for some thing special and what is this special no one knows.

A doctor operates a person with head injury in an accident and the patient recovers. Is it not a miracle? or is it the skill of the doctor? I have heard doctors tell the relatives of the patient--It is not in my hands, pray to God. Every hospital I have seen has a place to pray or a statue of Jesus for us to pray.

Many patients who have been given up by doctors as a gone case, miraculously recovered after attending a charismatic meetings. How can this happen unless it is a miracle worked by God?

I agree with you about preachers who live in flagrant affluence and flaunting their wealth. They lead luxurious lives. In India there was a big write up in the newspaper about these preachers. This is highly demoralizing because Jesus lived a simple, poor life. But these preachers are catering to the rich in the name of the poor. It is said in the Bible it is the rich people who crucified Jesus and not the poor people. The poor flocked to him to listen to every word of HIS. They even went hungry by following HIM and HE had to feed them.

It looks like you have gone deep into this unusual subject'

My prayers and best wishes:)

Sheila--you have stated so wonderfully what is in so many peoples' minds at this time in our history--it is so true that the veil is becoming thinner between the worlds, and that people are being drawn together by divine guidance to spread this message!

There have been some religious organizations whose mission has been to bring these "miraculous" phenomena into our normal daily lives--for instance the Spiritualist Church which was started in the 1800's (I attend their services in Connecticut)based on the teachings of Jesus, and with communication between our world and the spiritual dimension (what many call heaven, where we come from to live on this earth, and where we return after we leave this life!
Also, Guideposts magazine, also started many decades ago, is an interfaith organization which collects and publishes stories that are definitely in the "miraculous" category, and show how God works in the daily lives of ordinary people.

It still takes courage to bring these ideas up in a discussion with those who are believers in a strict belief system, and I feel that God is calling us to stand up and testify to what we are being shown. Blessings to you for doing this!

It was written in the Bible that in the last days, there will be signs, wonders and miracles the world have never seen. People will become either righteous or evil. I do believe that we are living in the last days. Miracles are for people who have living faith in God. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

there are unexplainable things. i have experienced some of them. eg. a rose smell coming from a statue during certain events, though the statue itself is made of plaster of paris and has no perfume poured on the surface or interior.

Hi Shiela, it is my first time here in your blog and I am so bless. It is so nice to be in a blog that glorifies God's name. :)

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