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FOR THOSE OF YOU HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. (Thanks to my friend Helen for making this tag.)

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(Monday OCT 11 is Canadian Thanksgiving)





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Secrets to Save $ on Medical Expenses

This is for people living in the USA. If you don't live in the USA, feel free to pass on to people living there.

Today Dr. Oz's show was all about how to get discounted and free medical services and medicines and dental or eye care. If you missed it, here's the link. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/dr-oz-s-insiders-guide-cost-saving-secrets-doctors-offices?hs317=billboard_1

The Surgeon General tells the new helps that the gov't put into effect on Sept. 27, 2010.

  • Children are now covered by health insurance until age 26
  • Insurance must now cover all preventative tests and can not charge you a co-pay or deductible on those.
  • Every state has an insurance plan available if you have been without insurance for 6 months.
  • go to http://www.healthcare.gov/ more info that will save you money.

Other things mentioned:

  • You can buy eye glasses frames online for $8 if you go to the various eye product sites. You can put in a picture of yourself and it will put different frames on your picture so you can see how they will look. www.eyebuydirect.com
  • Many labs have a discount card, but you have to ask for it. It offers 30-50% off of urinalysis and blood tests.
  • Free pap smears are offered on the 2nd Friday of each January, for cervical cancer day. Visit www.ncc-online.org to find out more, or call your doctor or local hospital to see if they participate in the event.
  • Many places offer free breast exams and mammograms in October, Breast Cancer month. Call your local hospital to see if they are participating. Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act provides low-income and uninsured women free or discounted access to mammograms. Go to www.cdc.gov, or call 1-800-CDC-INFO for more information.
  • Many doctor's offices offer a discount for those paying cash or who have no insurance. Call around to find doctors that offer to do these things.
  • VA, county hospitals, free clinics are cheaper than private clinics and hospitals. To find free clinics in the USA, go to www.freeclinics.us & www.hrsa.gov
  • Cheapest place to buy vitamins/supplements are online or a discount store (Walmart, Target, Costco)
  • Don't be afraid to negotiate price with the doctor or dentist, especially if you are having a hard time financially. The receptionist or nurse is not the one to ask, directly ask the Dr. or dentist. This is especially helpful if you are getting multiple procedures.

Prescriptions savings:

  • Walmart offers meds at $4 per month supply, some are $10 per 90 day supply.
  • Some meds can be bought at double dose and split. For example, if you take 20 mg. of a medicine, it is often cheaper to buy the 40 mg. and a pill splitter and split the pills. Ask your pharmacist which can and cannot be split. If your pill has an extended time release feature, it can't be split.
  • You can get loyalty cards from many pharmacies, that offer discounts or points that can be used on other products.

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Donations For Pakistan Flood Victims


Dear Friends~

The Canadian gov't has offered something great. If anyone in the world goes to a certain website and donates money for Pakistan's flood victims, Canada will match those funds, so it doubles your donation. I wish all countries would do this. If we give $5, Canada gov't will also give $5 to Pakistan flood victims, and they know not to give it to politicians. They know how to get the money and supplies to where it's needed. So if you send a bit of money through this website, you will be donating twice as much. If you want to pass this information on to anyone that might want to help Pakistan, the website is http://www.together.ca/ .

One third (1/3) of Pakistan is now under water. It has killed and made homeless more people than the China floods, Haiti earthquake and 2004 Tsunami all combined.

They have not gotten even a decent fraction of the amount of help that the other countries got, because of the prejudice created for Muslims, but remember that all these people are also tormented, terroeized by Taliban members. more than any other people. They are innocent victims as well.

The more you can give, the more God will bless you! If you are not able to give anything, may God bless you so that your life will get easier. No explanation needed if you are not able to give.

Because I have been given much, I too must give.

Because of thy great bounty, Lord, each day I live.

I shall divide my gifts from thee with

every brother that I see,

who has the need of help from me.

Because I have been sheltered, fed by thy good care…

I cannot see another's lack, and I not share-

my glowing fire, my loaf of bread, my

roof's safe shelter over head,

that he too may be comforted.

Because I have been blessed by thy great love dear Lord,

I'll share thy love again according to thy word.

I shall give love to those in need.

'll show that love by word and deed,

then, shall my thanks be thanks indeed.

~The lyrics of the hymn, Because I Have Been Given Much

was written by Grace Noll Crowell.

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Serenity Prayer for the Chronically Ill

A lesson worth remembering, by a wise and dear friend. Her words reflect all of my thoughts and feelings that I have not been able to put into words.

Serenity Prayer for the Chronically Ill
By Darla Isackson

I have a spirit that wants to run 100 miles an hour; it is housed in a body that can scarcely run at all. The mountains of worthy projects I would gladly require of myself must largely go undone. I know I am in good company. Chronic illness, caused by any number of conditions, is a common complaint in our society. How to best deal with it is an ongoing question.

Trusting the Lord's foreknowledge when I was young and very sick, a person I trusted prayed for me, He felt inspired to say that the Lord promised me the health and strength I need to live to fill my life's mission. Not the strength to win the Olympics or run marathons — but to fill MY life's mission. The Lord knew perfectly about the genetic weaknesses and super sensitive nervous system of the body he was sending my spirit to live in. He also had foreknowledge of the accidents, illnesses, and emotional traumas that would affect that body.

What if all those things were not obstacles to me filling my mission in life, but part of it? What if each illness, limitation, and emotional challenge has given me the exact experiences I needed, to learn what I need to learn, in order to do what the Lord wants me to do?

In response to Paul's prayer of pleading when he was imprisoned, the Lord might have told Paul that all things shall give you experience and will be for your good. In Romans 8:28 we read, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.” I know that my issues are also for my good. While in jail, Paul was kept from carrying out righteous service by walls and bars and the evil of his captors. I often feel captive to the weakness of my body. At first glance, both prison bars and illness seem to be obstacles to serving the Lord.What if, instead of obstacles, limitations are part of the tutoring process, part of the humbling process, part of the refining process that make us more fit to do the work He has assigned us? Paul was a different man when he emerged from jail. Deeper, stronger, more humble, more aware of the Lord's constant care in spite of circumstances. I am a different person when, after all I can do, I accept life on the Lord's terms and trust the Lord's plan for me.

One day I was talking on the phone with a wonderful woman plagued with health problems and feeling guilty and frustrated about not being able to serve as she desired. She wept as she told me about having to say no to an opportunity to work a four-hour shift cleaning the church. (She is in her 70s!) She was greatly comforted when I shared the idea that the Lord would not assign us individually a mission or a task that is impossible because of our physical limitations. Instead he wants us to share the inner strength and important lessons we learn because of them! Granted, He often gives us strength beyond our own, but He never requires more than we can possibly give.

We ought to be content with things that God has allotted to each of us. . If, indeed, the things allotted to each were divinely customized according to our ability and capacity, then for us to seek to wrench ourselves free of every schooling circumstance in this life, is to tear ourselves away from matched opportunities. It is to go against divine wisdom.

In regard to this concept, a friend said, “I think we should do all we can to improve our health, but not 'whine' to the Lord to remove the challenge. Ask for strength, yes; ask for relief, yes; [even ask for healing] but always end our asking with 'Thy will be done.'”

Internalizing the Serenity Prayer
Recently I was impressed that the AA Serenity Prayer has great application to the health dilemmas of the chronically ill.

God grant me the

Serenity to accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can and

Wisdom to know the difference.

The courage part requires me to persevere in efforts to learn and apply common sense health rules—good nutrition, exercise, deep breathing, focusing thoughts on gratitude and hope, taking advantage of the many tools and treatments available. My quest has been partially successful—in spite of a serious childhood burn that resulted in a fever that would have killed me without divine intervention--and numerous challenges since--I have functional hours almost every day. Yet my health goals have not always been set with spiritual insight. Sometimes I suspect I’m trying to change what cannot be changed. In all the self-help, positive thinking, positive affirmation lingo, is the danger of humanistic thinking: "you are enough; you have everything inside you to accomplish every dream; if you just try hard enough, do enough, control your thoughts enough, you can do anything." This is not Christ's teaching.

I sometimes find more self-will than wisdom in my determination to get better. And sometimes I tire and stress myself running hither and yon seeking solutions from “arm of flesh” sources beyond what is reasonable. Rather than “Thy will be done” I often say, “I want to be well. I’m determined to get well. I’ll WILL myself well.”

What is My Part, What is the Lord’s?
The hard part is sorting out truth from error, because there is no doubt that the restoration of all things that Christ promises, includes unprecedented knowledge that we see in traditional and alternative medicine. It is also true that my thoughts and choices have a terrific impact on my body. I know that my health problems can be magnified or minimized by what I do and think. Thoughts are powerful, and some people think that the wrong thoughts have caused our illness and that absolute thought control is the only path to health.

My e-mail friend, Michelle Linford, who also suffers limitation from chronic illness, said, “What if thought control really means turning our thoughts more to the Savior, period? I don’t think He wants us to punish ourselves over what thoughts we might have had that brought us to this place of pain and illness or that we can fix those things by ourselves. My answer is choosing as much as I can to really ‘look unto Him in EVERY thought’ and to doubt not, fear not."

A trusted church leader told me I am still trying to DO it myself. That I needed to let Him TAKE it. When I told him I didn’t know how, he said something like, ‘Just pray like that; tell Heavenly Father that you can't do it yourself and don't know how to let Him carry you, but that is your desire.’ I know that what the Lord really wants is our hearts and our understanding that His grace is the source of our redemption, not our ability to accomplish and perform.”

Michelle and I have both concluded that some health problems may be, in God’s wisdom, necessary for our growth. Paul’s “thorn in the side” again comes to mind. He entreated the Lord three times that it might be removed, but the Lord’s answer indicated there was purpose in it.

The Purpose of Pain
Illness can sometimes help to slow us, tune our inner ears to hear the Spirit. A few years ago I spent a night with a stabbing, recurring pain my doctor had not been able to identify, nor medicine diminish. In the morning light, my friend Patricia came to comfort me. She rubbed my hands and feet, suggested I listen to what my body and spirit were trying to tell me. The pains became less frequent as I turned off my fear, tuned in to faith, and listened. I relaxed, said to each pain, “Teach me. What do I need to learn?” She left me feeling peaceful; as the day progressed I lay there still and open, asking for understanding. One clear message after another came to my mind. Here’s the list I recorded from that experience.

  • I need to learn to listen deeply and consistently to my body, spirit, and to the Holy Ghost.•I need to change any belittling and disrespecting thoughts of myself to messages of encouragement.

  • The way to honor and respect my spirit is to show myself the same love and compassion I do others,

  • “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” I am one of the least of these. When I lack compassion and love for myself, I disrespect the Savior.

  • I need to avoid comparing myself with others.

  • Until I follow His direction to love and respect myself, I am offending Him, showing I prefer voices around me and the “chattering monkeys” of disparaging comments in my own mind, rather than the counsel of His voice.

  • As long as I hold onto the cares of the world and carry on my shoulders a heavy weight of worries about my family, health, and finances, I am not heeding the Savior’s invitation to be yoked with Him.

Yoked with Him
I remembered one of the greatest spiritual ah-ha moments I’d ever experienced. In a Sunday School lesson, the teacher asked us to picture a yoke with two animals pulling together, sharing the load. He suggested that the Savior’s yoke is so light because His invitation is to be yoked WITH Him, be benefited by His magnificent strength, and accept His atoning sacrifice. When I turn my life and will over to Him and accept his yoke, He makes up the difference for all my weaknesses. His strength carries me along.

I knew that as I learn to honor myself, listen, become yoked with Him, I would either heal from my illnesses or become peaceful and spiritually strong in the midst of them and able to live in a new, flowing way.

Prayer Perspectives
The insights I received that day carried comfort, spiritual power, and motivation to change my thinking, rely more on the Savior. I’ve learned to be grateful for “down time” when I can focus more on prayer and listening to the Spirit. Mother Teresa said that when the sisters that worked with her were sick or disabled, that was the time they could spend more time in prayer.

Prayer can help me overcome the self-absorption that so easily occurs when so much time has to be directed toward health. I get weary of the effort it takes to stay healthy enough to function at all. I want to forget myself and just serve! But forgetting myself carries with it the temptation to overdo, and I pay for it big time with lots of enforced bed rest! Now I can remember that when I’m flat in bed I can serve through praying for others.

“He leadeth me beside the still waters . . . “
I read some time ago that sheep cannot drink from fast-flowing troubled waters. They will die of thirst with water all around unless their shepherd can find them a calm, still pool to drink from. In my case, it is not the water, but me that needs to be still. My life has often been too fast-flowing and troubled to seek and drink of living waters. Consequently, I have thirsted spiritually. The scriptures were always right there, the Lord never abandoned me, but I was moving too quickly to stop and drink. Whenever I am still and willing to follow Him, my shepherd leadeth me to drink of still and living waters.

I find so much living water in the scriptures, such as:
“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden [With pain? Illness? Worry? Fatigue and weakness?] and I will give you rest.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30).

Maybe I’m learning better what the Serenity Prayer really means:

God grant me the
Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can and
Wisdom to know the difference.

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The Hardest Times=The Most Comfort!

I got a very practical lesson in understanding this verse this week:

2 Corinthians 1:7
And our hope of you is stedfast, knowing, that as ye are partakers of
the sufferings, so shall ye be also of the consolation.
The harder the trials, the more we open ourselves up to feel the Lord's comfort and strength. The more we spend time listening when we pray, instead of just talking.

All of this year, I was so very determined to change as many things in my life as possible. I was determined that 2010 was going to be the beginning of a whole new life for me. I was going to change all my unhealthy thoughts and habits, and find remedies for my health problems. Changes came in baby steps, as much as my very limited body would allow me. I felt inspired as I found the exact supplements/herbs that got my fibromyalgia under control. I thanked the Lord daily for this blessing. However, my lupus was getting worse, and attacking more organs, causing them to fail, and I was so ill, I couldn't really enjoy the absence of my fibromyalgia. I was spending more and more hours a day semi-conscious because of damage to my pancreas and liver. I avoided the Dr., because in my 35 years with this disease, I have learned there are only certain symptoms they are able/willing to help with.

Last week I got a large amount of blood tests, and the results were serious enough that I got a phone call from the Dr. and she told me the news over the phone, rather than waiting until our next appointment in a few weeks. My liver was so damaged by lupus, that all of the supplements and herbs I was taking, my liver could not assimilate or clean out the toxins from my body. There is nothing wrong with the supplements (for those of you afraid it might happen to you). It's just that my liver is so weak now, that even if I take more than 3 medicines, I get liver problems.

This means that I can no longer take ANYTHING that might remedy my problems, either natural or prescription. The Dr. said that even though it would not be good for me, I would need to stay on my pain meds and find a sleep remedy, because you can't heal unless you get rest, and if your pain can get to a bearable level.

I was in shock. I went home, thinking that God WANTED me to suffer for some reason, and it hurt to my soul. I thought He loved me! Why would He WANT me to suffer, without being able to take anything as a remedy, and without even being able to even seek help? Who does not seek help for their suffering? I cried all day. I couldn't even think clearly enough to logically reason myself out of the pit I was in, or to remember comforting scriptures.

Then that night, 3 people sent e-mails that were so perfect, so perfectly timed, that it was as if it was Heavenly Father speaking directly to me, through my Godly friends. I felt such comfort, and laughed in joy, realizing that He DOESN'T want us to suffer. Even if it is not His will to heal me right now, He is here to comfort me and strengthen me. I am so mad at myself for forgetting that lesson... that He is quick to comfort and strengthen, if we are open to hearing Him.

I want to share with you the first thing that touched me so deeply. It is an incredible short video of how our Heavenly Father "Fathers" each of us.

The next help came with the book I am editing for a lady whose son committed suicide. The very place that I left off a few days earlier, when I started reading again, was 3 pages of explanation on how it WAS a joy for Paul to suffer, because that is when He felt the most comfort, the closest to the Lord, and that we can have that as well. She also said:

The Savior is exactly that, a Savior of our sanity, a Savior of our faith. He has saved
and I know He will save each person who comes to Him with faith that He lives,
faith that He loves us. -Darla Isackson
Then she summarized something from the book "Hanoi Hilton", by a prisoner of war who was held captive for years.

An admiral named James Stockdale spent about six years at the "Hanoi Hilton" as a
prisoner of war. Stockdale documented three responses to that terrible trial, which I'll
  1. The pessimists saw the brutal facts, gave up and died, even though their bodies may have been healthy.

2. The optimists had boundless faith and ignored the brutal facts. They believed every rustle in the bush was marines coming to save them and that they would soon be on their way home. When that did not happen, they too gave up and died.

3. The realists faced the brutal facts, but had faith they could be dealt with. They accepted the improbability of rescue any time soon and banded together determined to survive anyway.

In the aftermath of tragedy we all have the same three choices: to be a pessimist and die inside, to be overly optimistic (put on a smiley face, pretend it didn't happen, live a lie) and eventually crash, or we can be realists. We can accept what has happened, gather our support systems, turn to the Lord, learn what He has for us to learn, have faith that we can make it through, and choose to live.

The third help came from a friend who was grieving her brother who had died recently. She is going to get grief counseling, but she also gets grief devotionals daily. The one that came that day seemed just for me, as I grieved any hope of a brighter future, or better quality of life. I have already lost 2 husbands due to this illness, and had to leave my children in the USA when I moved back to my home town in Canada, the fear of never seeing them again, never meeting my grandchildren or sons-in-law. That day all the losses due to this disease came to the surface...and the loss of hope anything improving in the future. Just imagine, if you were told that nothing will ever get any better than it is right now, and you are not even allowed to SEEK any help, because every remedy you are offered will make you sicker? The grief devotional said:

"Grief's unexpected turns will throw you again and again. You may feel that for every step forward,
you take at least one step back. The grieving process generally takes longer than you ever imagined.
Please don't rush this process. Remember, what you are feeling is not only normal; it is necessary.
"Knowing the Lord and His comfort does not take away the ache; instead, it supports you in the middle
of the ache. Until I get home to heaven, there's going to be an ache that won't quit. The grieving
process for me is not so much a matter of getting rid of the pain, but not being controlled by the
We read in the Psalms that David grew weary with the process of grief and cried out to the Lord.
Then he left the timing in God's hands.

"Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am faint; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are in agony. My soul is in
anguish. How long, O LORD, how long? Turn, O LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your
unfailing love" (Psalm 6:2-4).

"I am weary with my sighing; Every night I make my bed swim, I dissolve my couch with my tears. My
eye has wasted away with grief" (Psalm 6:6-7 NASB).

Heavenly God, I cannot even begin to put my grief in a time frame. Thank you that I don't have to.
Comfort me and support me as I lean on You. Amen."
That was a really dark day, but now I have hope that the Lord will comfort me and strengthen me through anything, and whatever is His will, I must trust those things. ALL things DO work for good for those who love the Lord. ALL things! Even if we don't see the results until the next life.
The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart;
and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit" (Psalm 34: 18).
I AM SO GRATEFUL TO KNOW THE LORD AND HIS COMFORT AND THE SOURCE OF STRENGTH AND PEACE. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HIM EVEN PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. May we all try to share this blessing with others. As we are comforted, we are able to comfort others.


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I am reposting this old post for those going through the hottest season in history right now. Eastern Canada and USA are getting history breaking temperatures of 60 celsius, which is 140 degrees fahrenheit, enough to make the asphalt roads buckle and to melt shoes to the asphalt, and warping railroad lines, causing train problems and accidents. God bless you all that have to deal with it. That heat is not in my area yet.

Hello Dear Friends and Family!

This might be a good post for you to bookmark for when the weather gets unbearably hot this summer.

How To Beat the Heat

1. Wet a washcloth with cold water and put it on the back of your neck.

2. Keep a few wet washcloths or towels in the fridge, so you can swap them out when they warm up!

3. Place wet towel on the back of your neck.

4. Use a spray bottle from any cheap or dollar store to mist or spray yourself at home or where ever you go! Or Spray behind your knees, on your feet, and anywhere that's sweaty. The warm water keeps you from being shocked when you spray. Now, go get in front of a fan!

5. Run wrists under cold water. Use a piece of ice wrapped in a face cloth, to continue after the coolness wears off. Constantly cooling off the wrists will also cool off the body. Never use just ice, make sure it is wrapped in a towel or something similar. Studies show that this will reduce your core body temperature by as much as 1.5 ÂșC.

The relief is almost immediate, and will last for up to one hour!6. Turn off the stove and other sources of heat.

7. Partly fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it. Put it in front of a fan; it'll give the same effect as cold water, but is less likely to spill.

8. Lightly mist a top sheet, and place it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Pull it out just before you're ready to sleep. It'll keep you cool enough to fall asleep.

9. Keep the sun out. Be sure to keep the window shades drawn from around 11:00 am until at least 2:00 pm. The sun shining into the house during this period can leave the temperature much warmer in the afternoon and evening than it needs to be.

10. Sleep alone. I know, it sounds a little lonely but it’ll be much cooler than that abundance of body heat that comes with a spouse, a child, a dog or even the family cat sharing the bed with you. If you can’t sleep alone, sleep with some space between you.

11. Wear cotton. Cotton takes perspiration away from the skin leaving you drier and more comfortable. Go for light coloured cotton clothes, cotton nightwear and bedding. Cotton sheets will not only absorb night sweats, but will also permit your skin to breath, allowing you to be more comfortable and less restless. Better sleep means more energy and better mobility.

12. Cool showers and baths. During the summer, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cool bath or shower. When I can’t sleep at night because of the heat, I fill a pan with cold water and soak my feet – it really helps to lower the body temperature!

13. Keep exercise moderate. Exercise is important but it’s tempting to skip it when it’s hot. Do exercise but keep it moderate. Don’t push yourself too hard and be sure to take a cool shower afterwards to bring your body temperature back down.

14. A spray bottle with water and a few drops of peppermint oil, shaken, can lower your skin temperature up to 5 degrees. Don't spray this on your face, the peppermint oil could get in your eyes. If you want it on your face, spray into your hand, then rub on your face.

15. Try swimming. If possible, choose swimming as your exercise during the summer. Swimming works all the major muscle groups while helping to maintain a lower body temperature. It also helps with balance and mobility.

16. Seek shade. When you’re going to be outside, always sit in the shade. Even better, sit in the shade where there’s a breeze.

16. Wear a hat. The sun beating down on your head has a huge impact on your body temperature: always wear a hat when you’re out in the sun. Many countries now have made a law that children under 12 must wear a sunhat to school in the warmer months.

17. Fill a hot water bottle with cold water from the fridge and put it on your ankles and feet - it works!

18. Do not consume any caffeinated beverages before trying to sleep, your increased heart rate will make you hotter and more susceptible to the heat.

19. Keep a glass of ice cold water close to your bed so that in the event that you wake up hot and uncomfortable, you can easily cool off again without having to get up.

20. Try cooling clothing. A number of manufacturers now make cooling vests, hats, etc. Last summer I ordered online a cooling bandana. They have gel crystals that retain cold when wet. You run it under cold water and tie it around your neck or head. As long as it stays wet, it stays cool! – neat!

21. Go to malls or theaters or stores that have air conditioning.20. Wear a damp shirt (not wet) around the house or yard. (not suitable for public, lol)

22. Heavy meals will make your heart pump harder to digest the food, heating you up. Keep meals light.

The following is a partial list of manufacturers and suppliers of "cooling” clothing. This includes everything from gel bandanas, cooling wrist bands, sunhats with cooling forehead bands to clothes with pockets to put cold gel packs, to space age clothing with body cooling molecules. You can click on the websites to see what products they offer and the prices.

Tel: (705) 682-0868
E-mail: lmph@sprint.ca

Tel.: 1-888-849-3657
E-mail: Info@HeatRelief.com

MSolutions Inc.
Tel: 1-800-763-8423E-mail:
Tami@msolutions.orgSteele Inc.
Tel.: 1-888-783-3538
E-mail: steeleinc@silverlink.net

Toll Free: 1-800-929-3949
Tel: (954) 340-5825

Roshgo Corporation
Toll Free: 1-888-476-7446
Tel: (678) 867-0461

Sparkling Earth
Toll Free: 1-800-871-1710
Tel: (623) 780-9674
E-mail: sparklingearth99@hotmail.com

MANY more cooling hints: http://www.dld123.com/about/about.php?id=A54 REMEMBER SUNSCREEN! Skin cancer is increasing due to thinner protective ozone layer.

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Does God Break People on Purpose?

Great article about suffering, and the whole website that this article is on has uplifting, enlightening spiritual articles. Does God Break People on Purpose? « Retirement With A Purpose Even if you are not retired, please read. It's not just for retired people. It is about anyone's suffering.
Blessings, Sheila

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ok friends, Here is what you have to do. If you have a blog, do a post about my daughter's TinyTina creations (see her blog and links at http://tinytinacreations.blogspot.com/2010/06/free-giveaway_04.html) and add the etsy link about her store, a few pics etc and she will put your name in to win any free item of your choice of Tinytina creations! This includes jewelery or a custom made item! Email her your blog address in a comment, or anywhere you advertised me, and the link to prove it :) and I will do the drawing on Tuesday JUNE 22 about 6pm! MST. She will announce the winner and his/her item of choice. All items for sale are in her etsy.com store (you can click on the ad on the right panel of her blog to go there). Also if anyone makes a purchase and refers you, she will give you a discount or free gift :) You may put the info in her comments section of the link above, or on her face book {click right column in her blog to go there}.

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Do You Enjoy Prophecy & Revelation?

(This is a photo from http://www.amazon.com/ .
There, you CAN click on it to see more inside, but it won't open here, sorry.)

I have always enjoyed studying signs of the last days and various revelations from the Biblical prophets. Since I do proofreading for a living, a few years ago I was offered a job of editing and proofreading a book about prophecies by a man whose first language is not English. He has has a supernatural experience when he was a young man, and it fascinated him so much, he has spent his whole adult life (20+ years) studying prophecies from all eras and languages and countries. The Biblical prophecies have been written about endlessly, but Fabio R. Araujo, the author, wanted to find out if other cultures and eras also had revelations and prophecies, and if they are similar to the biblical prophets' words or not.

More has been added and changed since that first book I helped to proofread, and now you can find his book at http://www.amazon.com/ . The title is "Selected Prophecies And Prophets" by Fabio Araujo. Within this fascinating book, you will be shocked to find that our Heavenly Father has given many of the same prophecies not only to the Hebrew prophets, but to people from all ages and in every country. I am sure most of you are familiar with Nostradamus' prophecies, but did you know that the scientist, Isaac Newton, also had prophecies, but wrote them down and kept them secret until his death so he would not be beheaded for heresy to the Church of England?

In the book you will find prophecies translated from Latin, old French, old Italian, German, and many more languages. It includes prophecies from lesser known "seers" such as Giocchino di Fiore, Monk Adso, Savonarola, and more famous seers such as Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci and Napoleon, and more. It includes prophecies found in ancient works called the Legend Aurea, Liber Mirabilis, Signa Judicii, and Alois Irlmaier.

You will be surprised as you feel the familiarity of the prophecies revealing the continuous expectation of increasing natural catastrophes, including the great flood and 3 days of darkness (which happened when the Lord was crucified), and a final global war, along with the descriptive statements as they try to explain the machines and uniforms and equipment we have now, from the minds of people who have never seen such things.

Medieval prophecies about the Anti-Christ, the King Messiah, and the Angelical Shepherd add value to the book.

The author visited libraries in many European countries and read hundreds of books and manuscripts, getting them translated as he could afford to do so, and learning much about the languages he was reading for himself, such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German.

He also has a website called "Prophezeiung" which is the German word for Prophesying. http://www.prophezeiung.net/
His book has been published in English and German, with publishers in other countries now considering the publication.

Fabio Araujo has a number of books, another one which is about prophecy

is called "Mother Shipton: Secrets, Lies and Prophecies". His full name is the name used as author for this book, Fabio R. de Araujo. You can also search for that at www.amazon.com .

Who was Mother Shipton? Some people consider her the most famous prophet in the last 1000 years, after Nostradamus. She is probably the most famous prophetess in the world's history. While some think she really existed, and was a soothsayer, or perhaps an astrologer or predicted facts (most of them regarding the 1600s or about our own future), others believe she is no more than a legend who was slowly built over the centuries.

To me, this is confirmation that there is a God, and that He cares enough about His children world wide to warn them that if they do not change their ways and turn from the natural man, the worst will happen and we will utterly destroy ourselves. When there were no Christians on the earth yet, there were prophecies. Where people had never heard of the Hebrew Prophets or of Jesus, there were prophecies. Where people did not believe in the Christian religion, there were prophecies, most of them very similar.

Be sure to search his name online and at www.amazon.com so that you can see if his other books have been published yet. He has been doing fascinating research on global warming, and the changes in global temperature and land changes from many eras past. This is not a new phenomenon. It happens in cycles. He has published a book on the subject called "Global Warming, Global Flood". You can find this on the website I mentioned above.

You will also find his book about Nostradamus' life and prophecies, and a book written by Isaac Newton, which he has republished.
This man is a humble, spiritual, quiet man, and writes in an easy, understandable way for the every day person. I hope you'll check out his works

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Appreciating My Blessings

I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining or whining. I KNOW that my life could be so much worse! I would rather deal with the problems I have than almost any problem that I see my friends suffering. If we all wrote down our problems on pieces of paper and put them on a table and told everyone around the table to choose which ever problems he wants, we would all pick up our own problems and go home. This is because we KNOW we can deal with our own problems. We ARE dealing with them, but we are unsure of our ability to bear other problems.

We are ALL being tried to our limits. I know my burden is not as hard as most people's and I'm sorry if I sounded like I am worse off. I AM SO BLESSED AND SO GRATEFUL AND I TELL THE LORD SO EVERY DAY! Even being very poor in Canada, is like living like a queen compared to people in rural Africa or the deserts of the Middle East or the cities of India, or other undeveloped countries. I pray for all who don't have what we have. Even my husband who works in the war zone near Afghanistan, only gets electricity for a few hours a day, and had to buy a generator to be able to use the computer to work for our online business each day.

Happiness is not having more, it's appreciating what you DO have.


Sorry for Absence

To update you, Lupus decided to attack my adrenal glands, which has been very tough to deal with for 4 months now. I will paraphrase an earlier post that mentioned it:

Despite many trips to the hospital, they could not find out what was making me have so much pain and feel so weak that I felt 90% dead. Finally the Lord inspired me to contact a naturopath (natural Doctor) that I dealt with online 5 years ago.She knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed to take for it. Adrenal exhaustion and adrenal crisis. If interested, google them please. Too weak to type much here right now. Adrenaline is what gives your body the strength to do ANYTHING , including thinking, breathing, digesting food, moving, pumping your blood throughout your body. No wonder I felt 90% dead.

The supplements helped really well in the beginning, but then I ran out of that brand and had to change brands, and the other brands have not worked as well, so it has been a very slow and hard and discouraging fight to reach even the low level of functioning I had before this happened. Still have not been able to find anyone to hire to help us with errands, etc. I'm not sure why the Lord is arranging our lives so that Mom and I are both so very alone (except for the blessing of having each other).
On a youtube video, I learned something new, that the constant problem of trying something new, and having it work for a short time, then stop working, is a classic sign of auto-immune disease. I get my hopes so high, thinking I get another shot at life, then get slapped down again. It almost made me lose hope, but now I know there's a physical reason for it, not a spiritual reason such as God stopping all the remedies from working.

Despite the horrid weakness and other lupus problems, I have been comforted by the Lord through it all. I don't know if I would exchange this closeness with God for anything, but couldn't there be a middle ground where I could be less helpless and still be close to the Lord? FRUSTIPATION! Lupus and fibromyalgia should be called the "Frustration diseases".

Thank you to all of you who continue to keep in touch with me off the blog. I just have not been thinking clearly enough to write anything at all worth posting.
Bless you all!

Saturday, 13 March 2010



I should have sent this early today (Saturday), sorry. Daylight Saving Time is 3 weeks early (last fall and now this spring) for N. America. Not sure what the rest of the world is doing about it. So those of you in N. America whose states and provinces follow Daylight Saving Time, Turn your clock Forward one hour. At 1 a.m. will be when the time changes.
Blessings, Sheila

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

2010- Beginning of Decade of Healing and Restoration!

I keep getting confirmation from the Holy Spirit, from friends who are spirit filled; and from so many Pastors that it CAN'T be a coincidence, that I want to share with you why I think 2010 is the beginning of great things for those who love the Lord.
The first person I shared these thoughts with was Pia, of
A coincidence is God's way of saying "I planned this!" She sent me this devotional from Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria of this ministry: www.joelosteen.com

Far and Beyond


"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever"
(Ephesians 3:20-21, NAS)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

I feel strongly in my spirit that it's going to be an Ephesians 3:20 decade! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all we can imagine! Let that take root on the inside. It's going to be a far and beyond decade. Here's what that means: you're going to come into opportunities that will boggle your mind. You're going to see your career take off like a rocket. You're going to meet the right people who will help further your dreams. You're going to accomplish goals more quickly than you imagined. You're going to come out of debt and pay that house off even though it looked impossible. You're going to get well even though the medical report says there's no way. Things may be dark and gloomy around you, but keep your head held high. You have an advantage. You are a child of the Most High God. His face is shining down on you. God is saying it's not going to be an average decade. It's not going to be a barely-get-by decade. No, you need to get ready because it's going to be a decade of favor, a decade of increase, a decade where you accomplish your God-given dreams!


Father, thank You for an exceedingly abundantly above and beyond decade. I choose to put my trust in You knowing that You are directing my steps. Thank You for the good things You have in storefor me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

I then replied to her, saying:

Thanks so much Pia for sending this. It MUST be a TRUE doctrine, that 2010 is going to start a year/decade of fulfillment. I can't tell you how many different preachers I have heard that the Holy Spirit has told them the exact same thing, and a few even said that the past 7 years have been years of trial and error, loss and struggle, but starting this year, all will be restored to us, according to His will. This is worth keeping. Did you post this on your blog by chance? If so, I'd like to post a link to your page for others to read. THANKS FOR THINKING OF ME! We found the reason why I am so sick lately, and I have been consulting a natural Dr. for remedies for it, so my hope is coming back...where the regular doctors just want you to go home and give up hope and die.
She then replied:
I think I did post something about this, but what I posted was more on my story.... you can read through it if you want. when I read your email, I had goosebumps.... here's why...

the past 7 years have been years of trial and error, loss and struggle, but starting this year, all will be restored to us, according to His will. --- http://www.piasjournal.com/2009/12/7-year-of-completion.html

let's be hopeful and expectant because I believe God is going to do something really great in our lives.
So she had gotten the same message and already written about it!
My next reply:
Wow Pia---now I KNOW the Holy Spirit gave you and I the same message. As I mentioned to you before, I have heard this message from so many pastors/people of God, that "the past 7 years have been years of trial and error, loss and struggle, but starting this year, all will be restored to us, according to His will." Then you showed me this. Some said "this year", some said "this decade", but at least we can have hope that things will look better starting this year! 7 years is a holy number, and the body is completely regrown every 7 years, so it makes sense that 7 years after your broken marriage, and 7 years after I met my husband who was then kept away from me, things would change.
Love you
Then on Sunday, a completely different pastor from a different religious sect spent the whole hour speaking about how 2010 is going to be year of restoration, the beginning of a decade of healing, and more. So I wrote Pia about it, saying:
Pia, right now on TV is ANOTHER pastor, preaching about how this decade, but mostly this year, is going to be a year of restoration and blessing. I don't know if all these pastors got together at some conference and decided that this would be the "theme" they would preach about this year, or if the Holy Spirit is really sending each of them this message individually, but it's really amazing! I know I got the message individually before I heard any pastor speak about it, so I know it's true. It would be interesting to know if there WAS some kind of conference or not, because then I could tell that the pastors who are teaching this are the ones that are truly in touch with the Holy Spirit.
This might really excite you. This is the TV program I just heard that made me write to you.
Click on the silverlight player, then listen to "today's broadcast". (If any of you are reading this later than Feb. 7, but before Feb. 14, see if it will play Feb. 7th message. if you are reading this after Feb. 14, look in archives for Feb 7/2010 message.) I don't know how many more days you will hear today's message about how this decade and year will change dramatically from the last 10 years. Silverlight is a small program, but if you want, you can remove it from your computer after you hear the message. I am saving this and other things that keep confirming this blessing of 2010 in a favorites file...including the email you sent me and the blog you wrote about 2010.
It's more than a coincidence that we are hearing this again and again, I know that much.
Hugs and prayers,
And to feed this fire of hope and light at the end of the tunnel, today Pia sent me this, also from Joel and Victoria.

Nothing is Wasted


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose"
(Romans 8:28, NIV)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Life can be full of ups and downs, twists and turns. We've all had to face challenges and difficulties. But did you know that everything you've been through up until now is getting you prepared for what God is going to do in your future? Nothing in your life has been wasted. Every disappointment, every setback, every person that did you wrong, every lonely night, God is going to turn around and use for your good!

During the difficult times, we grow and mature. That's when our faith is stretched and our character is developed. God didn't send that hardship, but He'll use it to get you prepared for your next step. Those adversities will help make you and mold you into the person you are called to be.

You may be experiencing tough times today, but remember, nothing is ever wasted. Have the attitude that says, "This is a new day. Things are shifting in my favor. This difficulty is not going to stop me. It's going to promote me. It was meant to bring me down, but I know the truth; God is going to use it to lift me up and lead me into victory all the days of my life."


Father God, thank You for drawing me close to You. I choose to dwell in the secret place of Your presence. I know that with You, nothing in my life is wasted. Thank You for Your peace and protection as You carry me through the difficult places into the place of victory. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

t might take a few weeks or months or even the whole year for things to be fixed/healed/restored...but have hope! I think "the stars are aligned" in our favor, and so is our Heavenly Father!

Life is good in spite of it all.

Despite many trips to the hospital,they could not find out what was making me have so much pain and feel so weak that I felt 90% dead. Finally the Lord inspired me to contact the naturopath (natural Doctor) that I dealt with online 5 years ago who did such a complete exam that she has records of what every part of my body was doing at the time, and one of the biggest problems then was that my adrenal glands were not working well. Now they have completely failed. Adrenal exhaustion. Adrenaline is what gives your body the strength to do ANYTHING , including thinking, breathing, digesting food, moving, pumping your blood throughout your body. No wonder I felt 90% dead.

The Lord also sent me a new computer friend who has been through all of this. So the Lord knew that if I couldn't get medical help, HE would send help! What a feeling to know that He knows and loves us individually, and will send help right when things looks darkest. I have gotten onto a lot of different vitamins and natural medicines, and I can at least see some light and life ahead now.

I also learned that the modern medical world does not believe that you can have pain from your adrenal glands, and doesn't believe there are other problems that can happen with the adrenals other than Addison's disease. The holistic/naturopathic world know of at least 4 conditions with the adrenals and that affect every other gland and hormone/chemical in your body, that affects pituitary, thyroid, hypothyroid, everything! Yet the treatment the modern medicine doctors offer for adrenal exhaustion is very dangerous.

Through the naturopathic Dr, online study, and this new friend who has been through this same illness, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me which of the many suggested supplements would help me to heal. HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN! I wish the medical world would work together with natural medicine more. If I had not decided to go to the naturopath, I would have died within a few months.

So even though I may be doubled up with ER severe type pain 24/7, and too weak to do anything but get to the bathroom, and not even enough energy to work for more than an hour on the computer per day, no energy to sit up...even though I know it will be this way for many more months...life is good, because I know God knows me and cares and will send help. Despite all that I have lost, He still comforts me. I know things could be so much worse! I could have lost one of my senses. I could be homeless. I could be this sick and still need to take care of a family of children and a husband...but I don't have to do that. I feel terrible that I can't help my mother for a while. I keep praying the Lord will send her help like He sent ME help. The natural doctor said it will be months before I can even walk more than25 steps or so without passing out...because now I pass out when I sit up. How many other people are suffering with this and yet the doctors say nothing is wrong but they can't even sit up?? How blessed I am to have been sent help!

I have been getting reminders again and again from different spirit filled people and pastors that 2010 will be a year of healing and fulfillment for those who love the Lord. I was also told that the past 7 years have been years of toil and loss, fear and frustration, and that will now all change. When I mentioned this to Pia, she shockingly wrote back that it was 7 years ago that her traumatic emotional situation started!

It looks as though this might be the condition that finally made me bedridden 10 years ago, and if I have now found the remedies, and even if it takes 1 year to heal, THEN I WILL HAVE A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!

Life is not worth living without faith or hope or something to look forward to. Life is bearable and good if you DO have these things, and I thank the Lord so much for these gifts. See how powerful prayer is? What a blessing to have such spiritual, praying friends!

I want to share a new blogger with you. She just started on Jan. 1. A Different Kind Of Happy at http://differenthappyali.blogspot.com/. (Sorry, my html editor wouldn't let me make the title into a direct link.) We all need this lesson, that we have to accept our "lessons" and learn that there can be a different kind of happiness despite them.

Blessings, Sheila/Bluebirdy

Friday, 29 January 2010


THANK YOU PIA, MEL, TUTI for your comments and TO ALL THOSE WHO WROTE TO ME, praying for me. I woke up yesterday feeling like I was about 50% better. Such a big difference that I KNEW it could not be a natural change in my body. It was nothing less than our loving Heavenly Father answering your prayers...AND with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, I THANK YOU! I'm sorry for how often I ask for prayer, I get ashamed of my weaknesses, but I KNOW prayer works! And I am definitely stronger when I am given the Lord's strength than if I just try to do everything myself. Such a stupid, frustrating set of diseases. Everyone who has Lupus, fibromyalgia and trigeminal neuralgia ask God why they couldn't be given a disease that doctors know more about and are willing to work with. We are pretty much on our own and passed around because we are "too complicated". The social part of this illness is worse than the physical part for sure. The inspiration that I got this morning: "JUST HOLD ON A LITTLE BIT LONGER, THEN WILL COME YOUR REST AND REWARD." THANKYOU LORD, A MILLION TIMES! HOW DO PEOPLE SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU???
I still have a ways to go until I can even make a meal or get outside to go places where I need to do things, in fact I'm still doubled up in pain, but it's SO much better than I have been in the past 2 months.

Please, Heavenly Father, Bless all of my dear praying friends as much or more than you have blessed me.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010


AGAIN, stating how thankful I am for the internet. I would not be alive without the friends God has sent me through this "box", my link to the world outside my house. I would not survive my hard times like I'm having now-- without Him working through people like you.





Friends are quiet Angels who lift
us to our feet when our
wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


I would really appreciate your prayers right now.

I am not even thinking clearly enough to know how to
pull myself out of this hole I'm in. Thanks.

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