Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sorry for Absence

To update you, Lupus decided to attack my adrenal glands, which has been very tough to deal with for 4 months now. I will paraphrase an earlier post that mentioned it:

Despite many trips to the hospital, they could not find out what was making me have so much pain and feel so weak that I felt 90% dead. Finally the Lord inspired me to contact a naturopath (natural Doctor) that I dealt with online 5 years ago.She knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed to take for it. Adrenal exhaustion and adrenal crisis. If interested, google them please. Too weak to type much here right now. Adrenaline is what gives your body the strength to do ANYTHING , including thinking, breathing, digesting food, moving, pumping your blood throughout your body. No wonder I felt 90% dead.

The supplements helped really well in the beginning, but then I ran out of that brand and had to change brands, and the other brands have not worked as well, so it has been a very slow and hard and discouraging fight to reach even the low level of functioning I had before this happened. Still have not been able to find anyone to hire to help us with errands, etc. I'm not sure why the Lord is arranging our lives so that Mom and I are both so very alone (except for the blessing of having each other).
On a youtube video, I learned something new, that the constant problem of trying something new, and having it work for a short time, then stop working, is a classic sign of auto-immune disease. I get my hopes so high, thinking I get another shot at life, then get slapped down again. It almost made me lose hope, but now I know there's a physical reason for it, not a spiritual reason such as God stopping all the remedies from working.

Despite the horrid weakness and other lupus problems, I have been comforted by the Lord through it all. I don't know if I would exchange this closeness with God for anything, but couldn't there be a middle ground where I could be less helpless and still be close to the Lord? FRUSTIPATION! Lupus and fibromyalgia should be called the "Frustration diseases".

Thank you to all of you who continue to keep in touch with me off the blog. I just have not been thinking clearly enough to write anything at all worth posting.
Bless you all!


I never stopped praying for you and your household. I stopped analyzing what is happening to you and have left your fate in the tender mercy and grace of the Lord. He knows what is best for you and for all His children. Suffice to say that everything must come to pass, even suffering and frustrations. I know that somewhere down the road, your pain and suffering will stop and the Lord will bless you with freedom and deliverance and you will share in the glory of the Lord forever. Until then, I will never get tired of praying for you and knocking at the door of heaven for your eventual healing and deliverance. Thanks for your post. God bless you always.

Thanks for your kind prayers and thoughts, Mel! I just got back from the E.R. Mom thought she was having a stroke. Thank the Lord she wasn't, but the nurse we had was Filipino, and I thought of you and Pia every time she spoke and wondered if your accents are similar to hers. I have talked to many many Filipinos and heard the same accent. A person would think it would kind of be a Spanish accent, because your names are all Spanish, but the language is very different than Spanish. I just smiled the whole time like an idiot, thinking of how much I respect you and Pia. lol.
You are indeed a rare person to say you won't get tired of praying for me. I get angry people that email me, angry that I did not get healed yet and blaming me for all sorts of things because I'm not healed yet. It gets tiring. Even if the Lord's plan is not to heal me yet, I would appreciate so much even a lightening of the load so that I could be more functional.
You continue to be in my prayers too Mel. My prayer list is now a prayer journal, I pray for so many people. I know prayer has power. Maybe I'm only kept here to pray for others, so the Lord can bless them. I don't really know.
I just wrote a new post in reply to your comment.

Dear Vivian;
So happy to see you again! I hope you will see this. I was in the E.R. so many times, very close to feath. I was in shock and had very low temperature and could barely breathe. They restarted my heart the first time it stopped there, but the second time it stopped, they didn't try to restart it, and that Dr. actually sent me home in an ambulance to deal with whatever it was myself. I was shocked and felt so abandoned, and then remembered the many times I was told the gov't would not spend more money on me because I was just a disability recipient. The hospital did many tests. The only test they have for adrenal function is ACTH (cortisol). Cortisol is only 1 for 47 chemicals that make up adenaline. The Holy Ghost told me to reach a naturopathic/holistic Dr. that helped me once online 5 years ago. I did, and she knew immediately what was wrong and what supplements I needed to heal my adrenal glands. I felt like a new woman within a week and thought that perhsps this was my major problem for the past 10 years, and maybe I would get feeling better than I had in 10 years. After I used up my first bottle of adrenal extract, I had to get a different brand because I was unable to find a place to buy it anymore. The second brand was not as good, so I have ordered a third brand, hoping that will work better. I also saw a youtube video that explained that people who have a cupboard/pantry full of remedies that worked at first and then quit working, was a hallmark sign of auto-immune disease. When your body gets used to a substance, our auto-immune system starts to attack that new stubstance, so we keep needing to change brands. Mom and I have always had to change our meds around because our bodies stop getting better with one brand. We never knew how. The natural treatment of Adrenal exhaustion treats all 47 chemicals of adrenaline by providing a bio-identical hormone from cows...just as people who take insulin used cow insuling for 40+ years until synthetics were made. I am so frustrated with the abuse and uselessness of the medical world here in Canada whne it comes to chronic disease, that I am finding more answers in the natural medicine world. Modern medicine is very good at acute illnesses and traumas and babies and bleeding and broken bones and infections, but they get very impatient with chronic illness, and they don't have a lot of answers there. I am allergic to almost every prescription I take, so the modern medicine world doesn't have a lot to offer me anymore. I like the whole healing attitude and lack of blame and lack of abuse in the holistic healing community.
I know you are a health care professional, and you are the rare exception to the rule in modern medicine, but not everyone is like you.
Thanks so much for your compassionate heart and for your open mind to alternative treatments and for keeping me as your friend. You're an earth angel.
Hugs and blessings, Sheila

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