Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Mom and I learned that our treatment has been illegal and criminal!

   Mom and I finally got a lot of answers to why we have been so abused and neglected. This Dr. said the way we were while he was gone treated is criminal, against the law and that we should start reporting them all immediately!
   For those who don't like reading my long posts, the summary of it all is in the red paragraph below.
   Finally I got in to see my regular Dr. yesterday. He was over a month late from his VERY LONG vacation, and is working only 2 mornings, then going on vacation again. Mom and I are both his patients so we went in together and told him how we had be abused, neglected, lied to, insulted, and almost died. We needed lots of help physically and lots of answers.
1) I asked him to please help me get in to be  a patient with the doctor in that clinic who deals with pain patients and hospice, for whenever he (my regular Dr.) is not here. He said he would. I pray that Dr. will take me. I will still have to find another Dr. to treat me for everything but pain. ( I think I'll go to a natural Dr.).
2) I needed him to write a letter to Canadian gov't, saying that I need my husband home to help with my family and help me. The Dr. decided to call my lawyer instead of writing the letter I need for the court case, and the lawyer told the Dr. the prospects were very thin that I would get to be with my husband...so my heart is breaking, physically and emotionally. He was the reason for me fighting to stay alive for 5 years. Maybe being away from him and losing my Dad and so much other stress is the only reason for my heart problems.
3) Doctors had told Mom and  I that we will no longer get any expensive tests or treatments. My Dr. said that's criminal. I said "Its also inhumane but it's been happening." He said to report those doctors to the governing body that is over all the doctors in Alberta.
4) I told him I passed out while shopping last week, and that I've been as weak as a baby ever since. I told him about he heart Dr. he sent me to, that one day he was telling me I had some abnormal tests that looked concerning, and the next appointment he told me "Nothing is wrong, go home and enjoy my life." I asked the heart Dr. "Then why am I  too weak to walk across the room or stand for 1 minute and why did you just told me I have abnormal, concerning test results? He said "I must have made  a mistake about the tests, and I don't know why you feel the way you do."
     So my Dr. looked on the computer, and his letter says that I DO have heart problems, but that he didn't know what was causing them or how to fix them and that he's never seen this abnormality before; but it could kill me at any time. That stupid Dr. lied to me, telling me I was fine, making me wonder what the heck is going on if I am "fine" and barely have the strength to even talk or visit for an hour. I was making myself crazy, blaming myself.
     I know that oxygen makes me feel much better, and the Dr. letter also explained why, that my heart does not get enough oxygen, just like the rest of my cells in my body, causing muscle pain and brainfog, etc.  So I am thankful that I have my Dad's oxygen concentrator, because that heart Dr. took away my oxygen. So now, my Dr. says yes, I could die at any time, but I can't be signed up with hospice, because their policy is that they need the Dr. to say "she will die within 6 months" and if you don't die in 6 months, they kick you off the hospice program! Even if a person with cancer only had 2 weeks more to live after that 6 months, they are still left alone after 6 months, during that hardest time of all.
5) We told him about our E.R. visits and admissions where we were abused and neglected, causing a slight stroke in Mom, and more heart damage and even pneumonia in me, and he said to report those too. He was appalled about all we had been through. I said "That's just our city." (He's in another town.)"The biggest clinic in the city is pulling out of the regional health association because of these inhumane actions, so there's a problem at our hospital."
6) I got my medicines refilled, with a little extra in case he is not around when I need him, so that was gracious of him. I only take 2 or 3 prescriptions, the rest of the things I take are natural.
   On the way home, I saw a new naturopathic, holistic clinic that I will call today to see if there is a holistic Dr. there.  I would much rather be treated with compassion and natural meds and foods rather than abuse and toxic prescriptions. Of course there are a few health problems that natural medicines can't help with, so there is a place for prescriptions, in as much moderation as possible.
     So now I'm kind of in shock and heartbroken that the court is thinking I should not be with my husband, and that I have just been re-told that I could die at any minute.
    I think of the books I've read about "what would you do if you knew you had a limited time to live?" Well, those suggestions in those books are for people who are still well enough to go places and do things and who had the money to do some of the things they ever wanted to do...but the advice about changing your outlook on life and the way you think are greatly helpful.
   I'm sure I will be more positive in a while after the shock wears off. I hope we can prove to the court that we SHOULD be together. I don't know if my heart can handle losing another husband that I adore.
    I also found out that my adrenal gland is burned out, and no adrenaline means no energy, no ability to push yourself through the pain and weakness, and it affects your mood and ability to see hope and change in the future...so I am depending on the Lord more than ever!
    Thanks for being my friends!
Blessings, Bluebirdy


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