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This comment added October 30. I just heard from a friend of mine who is a Dr. who is now retired. He informed me that D-ribose is the "D" in DNA! This means any disease that is caused by damaged genes or damaged DNA, any disease caused by enzyme imbalances, or lack of oxygen to cells, lack of one cell passing on nutrients to the next cell, all would be helped by D-ribose.

(Not an advertisement. I am not selling any product. I am offering help to research a product before you put it into your body, which is what we should all do with everything, including food and medicine
and herbs and supplements)

WHAT IF...D-Ribose is the treatment for Fibromyalgia as much as insulin is the treatment for diabetes?

So many people have been writing to me asking for more information about the Fibromyalgia treatment that has changed my life, my daughter's, and now my sister, mother and even my mother's doctor is trying it. I thought I would post it here and just lead people to this site, and others could lead their friends here as well.

Some of you will be scratching your head wondering how I could have posted about how much pain I was in and how tired I was in the last post, and here I am raving about relief from Fibromyalgia... well let me explain. My pain and fatigue is from my lupus and other health problems, and if I had to suffer the fibromyalgia symptoms on top of the other pain I am having now, I think I would be in serious condition, unable to even roll over alone, so I am thankful for whatever relief I am given, and I think if a person only had fibro, their relief would improve their quality of life, and joy immensely.

Ribose even made my depression disappear completely until I got this lupus flare-up again, which makes me wonder if my depression was caused by my brain not getting enough oxygen and nutrients. I had returned to the person that I knew and loved many years ago, and realized that my personality had not changed permanently, that the many personality changes were ONLY due to exhaustion and pain.

D-Ribose (or also called ribose) is a substance that is already in our bodies that helps the cells individually receive oxygen and nutrients. It even lowers high blood sugar, because the sugar is fed to the cells to be turned into energy, instead of just sitting in the blood.

The only bad side affect is that you get a little bit hungry, because your body is using the food for energy instead of having it just sit in your stomach and turn to fat. That can be solved by snacking wisely or just drinking water instead of snacking.

The only drug interaction is insulin and diabetes medicine, which you will be able to lower (with supervision of course).

I told my Dr. about it, and she had never heard of it, because they don't learn about natural treatments unless they study them on their own time, but she was so excited to have SOMETHING safe and inexpensive to offer her many fibro patients, but not only those patients, ribose is known to help at least 10 other illnesses, such as any disease that causes weakness or has symptoms that affect the whole system, like CFS, fibro, Lyme disease, gulf war syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, COPD, heart failure, Epstein Barre syndrome, auto immune diseases.

If a lot of people with Fibromyalgia keep getting the results I have read about and experienced, that would mean that one cause of Fibromyalgia is an inability of the body to get oxygen and nutrients directly to the cells. Without that, your get weakness and muscle pain, and even the heart doesn't get enough oxygen or nutrients. Without your cells getting fed, nothing works well.

The place I first heard about it was in a newsletter I get called "End Fatigue" from http://www.endfatigue.com/ . The author of the newsletter is a medical Dr. who wrote a book called "From Fatigued to Fantastic" by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. If your library has that book, my daughter urges that everyone get it. I guess he is who discovered the need for D-ribose in people with any chronic illness that causes exhaustion; and he did the research that showed that people with those chronic illnesses or the elderly do not have enough ribose in their bodies.

I have read of many people going off their oxygen, and being able to lower their diabetes medicine with guidance of their Dr. and both those things happened to me. Also, when I do overdo or get ill with my other serious health problems, this helps me recover much faster than before. This has improved my heart failure so much it amazes me. In July I was literally dying. I now have a new lease on life, even though I still struggle with lupus. I think the longer I am on ribose, the more my body will heal. I think the Lord has helped me find my miracle. I know different things work for different people, but I am thanking Heaven for finding something that even takes away 1/4 of all my suffering.

Here is a page that discusses FM and CFS and Ribose, with additional articles at the bottom. http://www.immunesupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm/id/7539 It is not a prescription, so your Dr. will not know about it, but mine was very eager to hear more because there is so little that helps fibro.

As you search, you will often see VERY EXPENSIVE brands, and from what I have studied, it is no different than the other brands. You can get it in chewables or in powder or in capsules.

There's a small booklet called "The health Benefits of Ribose" by Paul Addis Ph.d...Very good description of D-Ribose in the book review under the picture of the book. http://tinyurl.com/5ut3wa . It says that ribose is necessary for literally thousands of functions in the body, so if we don't have enough, that would explain the dozens of symptoms we experience.

I have found that if you try to buy it locally, it is so very expensive, $30-150 dollars, so I buy mine at http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-Bioenergy-Ribose-Pure-D-Ribose-100-Capsules for $12.99 a bottle, which has 1.5 months supply in it. That site also has the cheapest shipping I have found in 10 years of buying things online, and that site even lets you pay from your paypal account. All supplements there are 50-85% off, and I have never found cheaper shipping anywhere, $4.99 no matter how much you buy!

I am still continuing to enjoy fibro-free hours with my D-ribose, but when I forget to take it, wow, I am back flat on my back like I was 2 months ago.

PLEASE consider giving it a try...pray about it if you need to. Its completely natural, I have listed the side effects or drug interactions. Research it for yourself...always the wise thing to do.


Disclaimer: I am not prescribing this for everyone, I am only describing what has helped me and many other people. I believe people need to research everything possible about their own bodies and conditions and make educated decisions based on expert advice. If M.D.s don't know about a treatment, you can learn from naturopaths, osteopaths, homeopaths, herbologists, and other natural treatment experts. We are responsible for our own health, and experts are our partner in that responsibility. Do not give up your responsibility completely to anyone else.


hi sheila. i blogged about the question you emailed me. i edited it a little though. i was just compelled to share it to others that healing is for everyone including you and me.

you're in my prayers. God bless and BE HEALED IN JESUS' NAME.


Hi Sheila--
Thanks for all the helpful information--I just forwarded it to my friend Barbara, who has been suffering from fibro for years now, and has tried many different treatments, with limited success.
She is now ordering it on your recommendation!
I'll let you know how she does on it.

Hi Shiela,
I'm so happy that you are feeling better because of D-ribose. You really have the knack for research and you are kind enough to share what you learned from your research to your readers. God bless you more for that. I agree with you that we have to do our own individual research to find out the truth of every statement. Not that your words cannot be trusted, I trust it even if my life is on the line. But your advise to your readers are very practical and with wisdom. I hope you get better and I hope the Lord will grant you a complete healing. Thanks for your very enlightened and informative post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

Thank you for your unselfish sharing. I will mention this to my doc when I see him.
God continue to bless you with your healing, Bluebirdy.

HI Misti-if you are mentioning it to your Dr. to ask his advice about it, I can almost promise you he won't know anything about it, but if you are mentioning it to him in order to teach him about it, that would be good. My Dr. is so happy I told her so she can offer something to fibro patients, The other new drugs for fibro have nasty side effects. It is not a prescription, so you will not get it from your Dr. You buy it online or from stores that sell vitamins and herbs and supplements. I hope it helps you.

Yes Sheila, yes I intend to share this good news with my doc. He's a pretty good guy and willing to listen with an open mind. ;)
-Luv, misti

Sheila, looking at the order you linked to, the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules and there are 25 servings. If this lasts 1.5 months for you, does that mean you only take 2 a day?

Hi Linda; actually on that website of the ribose it says to take up to 16 a day which seems nuts to me but that must be the weightlifters dose because weightlifters use it too. Yes I only take 1 or 2 a day. When I wake up I take one, then at 3 p.m. when I start dragging, I take another if I remember. I am getting more reports from others raving about the amount of energy they have, and it doesn't feel like caffeine energy where you are jittery and restless, it's like a breath of fresh air, clear thinking, more energy because you are getting oxygen and nutrients to all the cells like heart, brain and muscles...so everything seems easier than before I found ribose.
blessings, Sheila

Hi Sweet Guardian Angel. Please come over to my blog- How's Your Blog?. I reviewed your blog. See for yourself my article on you. I thank the Lord that He has given you D-Ribose for the amelioration of your pain. May He give you complete healing in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thanks for the post. God bless you always. Dear Guardian Angel.

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