Saturday, 4 April 2009

So Much Drama!


It seems like our house has something dramatic happens every other day, things that happen to most other people only once or twice in a lifetime. I'm trying to figure out if every one's life is this dramatic. On top of Mom's 5 week, day to day life and death battle, and my trip to court to get my husband here, and now wondering if I even have the physical strength to be a good wife, and our debilitating illnesses keeping us from doing even the basic survival things for each day...

4 days ago~ Mom was in a rush to go to a Dr. appointment. I had such a strong feeling about her driving so soon after being in the hospital, and asked her to please take a cab because I was too sick to drive, and when she refused, I just had the strongest feeling that something might happen, and just hugged her and said GO SLOW! I cried when she left, I was so scared. I don't get that scared very often. Maybe it was ESP or inspiration.

When she got home, she didn't tell me anything happened, then a few minutes later a policeman showed up at our door! It turns out that 2 teenage girls, seemingly spun out on drugs and giggling and trying to cross the street in a random place walked into the side of Mom's car when she was at a stop light. She opened the door to see if they were ok, they were on ground laughing hysterically, and she told them to get in and she would drive them home. They got in and were not hurt and were not limping or anything, and she took them where they wanted to go (McDonald's), but they must have called one of their moms and told them that a woman hit them while they were walking. I just don't know how they found Mom's identity so quickly.

No teenager would tell their parent that it was their own fault, because they often would fear the parents more than the police, and the mom probably thought this is a good chance to get some money from an auto insurance company, so she didn't skip a minute in getting the police over here to start court proceedings to try to sue Mom. As if she has the strength for a legal case! NOT!

Every cloud has a silver lining, so this silver lining...--Thanking the Lord that it was not a worse accident and that the car or Mom or the girls didn't get hurt!!) It seems the Lord is making these stresses that come up, as easy as possible.

Yesterday~ The freezer died overnight! We woke up to hundreds of dollars of food thawed out, melted sticky ice cream and other sticky stuff all the way down the fridge and on the floor. I tossed the food and cleaned up the front of the fridge, and called a repairman, then when he came, we cleaned behind the fridge, which had not been done for 10 years because we had no help to pull it out. It was thick with dust, but that's all. The repairman said others looked so much worse, with toys and bugs and even a dead mouse sometimes back there, and many treasures, thought lost forever, had been kicked under fridges. We had to scrape with a paint scraper and soak the floor with hot water to get all those years of stuck stuff and dust out. We also found out the fridge has wheels!!! The repairman loosened up the wheels so now we CAN move behind it to clean! We were pretty sure we would have to buy another used fridge, from what we had been told on the phone by the repair company, but the repairman just fixed the fan, and the cost was very little, and it was quickly fixed.

The silver lining...--that we even had the strength to clean up the mess, that we didn't have to buy another fridge, that the repairman left it BETTER than before, and that we were not taken advantage of by the repairman, like usually happens.

Today~we discover that my older, single (divorced) sister has decided on the spur of the moment to fly overseas ALONE to meet a person she met on an online dating site. *SCREAMMMM* Every law of safety and reason tells most people that this is not a safe thing to do! She believes everything he says he is, which could all be lies. I am trying to convince her to go with someone and to leave contact numbers and addresses with us in case something happens and we have to send the police to find her. I looked at the man's profile and I don't completely trust all that he claims to be. Even on the dating website itself, it has

1. If you decide to meet someone, meet in a neutral place, preferably with someone to travel with you if you are a woman. Leave contact information with family, and take enough money with you so that if you need to get out of the situation quickly, you can.
My Mom (or I) really do not need the stress of worrying if her daughter will be returning alive or dead, or beaten up. We can't even go help her if she gets in trouble because we don't have a passport yet. I bet Mom won't sleep for a week. She is back on oxygen today, and I am trying to tell her to trust in the Lord or she will be back in the hospital. With stress, her blood sugar goes so high she goes unconscious. Often mine does too, but lately it hasn't happened very much, thank heaven.

The silver lining...~yet to be seen, but for me, already I feel so blessed to know the Lord, to feel his comfort and strength. Mom also knows the Lord, but we both know terrible things happen to good people, especially when they are careless.

Oh yes!! Yesterday we found out that Mom's regular Dr. of 30 some years who had gone out of the country for at least 6 months and was not expected to return due to him dying of cancer, has returned, and will take only a few patients back, Mom being one of them. This means I will have to find the strength to drive Mom out of town every week or 2, because she won't try to find a Dr. locally. This man is downright dangerous now, and is heavily medicated and makes some serious mistakes, so I don't want Mom to be treated by him anymore. The Lord will have to help me work on that one.

Silver lining~yet to be seen.

Some day this week, can't remember when, I discovered that the device I was going to have installed into our house to deter the "dirty electricity" http://www.emfsolutions.ca/radio_wave_sickness.htm that is making Mom and I sick, and making people sick who stay overnight for more than 1 night, is already installed into the house, (required by law) so we have to find some other way to remedy the situation, other than shutting off all modern electrical conveniences. There are SO many choices out there for protection from electro- magnetic frequencies (EMFs) for those who are becoming electrically sensitive, it has been quite an undertaking to research each gadget to see if it really works or is a scam. I was hoping so much that this would be a partial remedy. Even a 20% improvement in my strength would make me more functional and make every task easier.

Silver lining--I am learning tons about electricity and how it affects people and animals, I'm sure I can help others in the future with that knowledge. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) realizes this is a severe and debilitating problem.

I know my problems are not as bad as most people have. I know things could be so much worse. I am grateful for my many many blessings and the protection of the Lord. I just have not got the same stress-coping abilities that I used to have before the exhaustion and pain got unbearable, so I am searching for new methods of stress relief, as is everyone else in these hard times. Here is one with other related articles listed beneath the article.

Hmm, no wonder I'm exhausted, since stress worsens lupus and my other conditions. Like everyone else, I am still a student practicing how to COMPLETELY relax and depend on the Lord and never worry about anything. Some of you have achieved it, I am still learning and practicing....and I do believe it takes practice to know how to recognize that feeling of peace that is so quiet and deep inside. Elijah sought the voice of the Lord in the thunder, and in the earthquake and in the fire, and in the wind, and he did not hear it, (1 Kings 19:11,12) but then after all of that, God's voice came as a still, small voice inside of Elijah. Most of the time the world and the worry and the pain and the noise around us prevents us from hearing that guiding, teaching voice, that comfort and strength, and that, to me, is also the voice of the Holy Spirit, and it takes practice to know if what you are "hearing" is coming from Him, from the adversary, or from your own thoughts. I am certainly further ahead in my faith and trust than I was a year ago, and I hope to continue to grow, until I can say, like the Lord, that I have overcome the world, and anything that can happen to me. May we all develop this skill, which will be needed more and more between now and the Lord's second coming.



So much problems that seem so overwhelming. All I can say is that God's grace is sufficient in all trials in life. I pray that the Lord will take care of you all in every aspect of your life. In case you received a scam mail purportedly from me, disregard it as it came from an unknown hacker who hacked my accounts at yahoo and google and sent solicitation letters to all my addressees. It took me sometime to have access to my google account and until now I could not access my yahoo account. I leave them to the justice of the Lord. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Wow Mel! I'm sorry to hear about that! I hope no one sent the hacker money! There was a TV documentary about a ccase like this, and the man WAS overseas when his friends got a letter saying "I am stuck penniless in London. Please wire me money." Many did. The money will never be found again. Bless you, Sheila

Sheila dear--you always seem to make it through those trials, somehow...and your advice on relaxing and trusting in God's small voice is very important! It is hard to listen with all the commotion in our lives, but it is truly the key to healing!

Blessings to you, and lots of hugs...

Hi Sheila :)

I am amazed at the strength and the will power of your mother to drive a car just after her serious sickness and hospitalization. She is a very courageous woman.

I think the breakdown of the fridge was a blessing in disguise because you could do up the fridge with minimum expenses instead of buying another fridge.

Praise the Lord for your abundant energy and enthusiasm for finding out information which will be of immense use to people at large.

The songs accompanying you blog is very interesting. I remember seeing that movie BUCH CASSIDY AND SUNDANCE KID long, long time ago - the rain drops falling on my head.

Prayers and best wishes:)

i think the additional sufferings has something to do with the lenten season. hang in there, easter is around the corner.

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