Thursday, 20 November 2008

A Bit of Excitement!

Today, my younger daughter, Tina, was named "Mrs. Western Idaho"! She will be in the Thanksgiving Parade in Boise Idaho, then will go on to the Mrs. Idaho pageant in April, and possibly on to Mrs. America and Mrs. World. Here is the website about the pageant. http://www.mrsidahoamerica.com/ It seems a bit odd. I thought my girls and I were cute, and "not ugly", but I have never thought of any of us as gorgeous or beautiful, even when each of us modeled, and even my grandsons have modeled and been in magazines. I just can't see it. I guess I look for deeper traits than outside beauty. My girls are pretty enough to have made their parents worry during their single years, for sure...so I should have known then, that they are great looking. I never understood the benefits of being too pretty, since I was hassled by men so much. Anyway, I digress. It will be a great experience for my daughter. If you want to meet her and her family, her blog is at http://coreytinaandboys.blogspot.com/. Tina was 2 months premature, and was only 3 lbs. and a few ounces at birth. Here is a picture of her sitting in a baseball glove when she is about 6 weeks old, so she was much smaller when she was born.

This is my older daughter, Crystal, 2 years older than Tina. I am just as proud of her life and and accomplishments. She has experienced so much, so young, and come through cheerful and optimistic at every turn. She is a great lady. The girls are so opposite, so different, so I love different things in each of them. Crystal doesn't blog, but one of her budding businesses is a speed-dating business which will be great in the college town she lives in. The website is not complete yet but the beginning is http://www.icebreakers101.com/.

Here they are together with each of their 2 boys:

We are all writers. Both girls and myself are writing books, and my brother got his book published in June. It is an encyclopedia of healing herbs and foods and natural remedies. It took 8 hours a day for 11 years to write it and take all the pictures out in the fields, and when it got published, it was 4 large books, each too expensive for the general public, so we are also offering it on e-book and CD-Rom. If you look up any symptom, every natural remedy (from North America) will show up. If you type in any herb or food or plant, a picture of the item and all of the health problems it is used for pops up. You can see that at: http://tinyurl.com/2lw2yy
If you have been watching the news in the past few hours, about 5 hours ago, a fireball fell to the earth not far from my city. It was as big as a house, and it is being reported internationally. It was a meteorite, and landed just S.E. of Calgary Alberta almost on the border of Saskatchewan. I don't have pictures or video yet, it is too new, but it was exciting, lots of people saw it and wondered where it would land. Thank goodness it landed out in the country, not in the middle of a city. It reminds me of Superman who landed on earth that way. Did you know the Superman creator was Canadian? Did you know the movies and the series were filmed in Alberta, Canada? And now a meteorite HAS landed in Alberta. Think there's a superman in there? HAHAHA ROFL There will be lots of people driving to the crash site to see the deep crater it made. Might be a nice day trip, maybe we'll go too. (see
http://www.ctvnews.ca for more about the fireball).

I had to take Mom to the E.R. and it was a great and speedy experience, with our favorite Dr. attending, when she was told she would be getting a different Dr., one we wish would disappear....so it was a great day!

Its so nice to be able to have someone to share my excitement and good times with, as well as my struggles.



Good Morning Sheila!
I love herbs and always use them and planted some.
Congratulations!!! This book/s looks very interesting! What a great job!!!

Thank you Sheila for sharing about your beautiful, great daughters!
You are proud Mom and grandma of course. I wish you a lot of blessings and happiness with your lovely family!
God bless you and your writing!

You have gorgeous daughters and fantastic grandchildren. I hope they are visiting you often and can give you the happiness that their presence bring to your life. I just hope that your illnesses will pass away and you can live a normal life with your daughters and sons in law and grandchildren. God is good, He will do this in your lifetime. God bless you always.

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