Friday, 16 January 2009

ANOTHER PROOF that delays have a purpose!

Those of you who know me have known me to say this often, that the last 2 years, God has been trying to hammer into my brain that EVERY delay has an important purpose. Probably to comfort me about the delay of my husband and I getting together. Well I was supposed to send my husband his paycheck overseas, and I have been too sick to get out to do that for many weeks,  and he has been very patient. Today I found out that after all that wait, Paypal didn't even transfer the money to our bank account like they were supposed to!
    Today we found out that my husband's 8 year old cousin, (also over there in Swat Valley, near Kashmir, where the Taliban are trying to take over) was kidnapped for $1 million. My husband is so big hearted that if his paycheck was in his hand, he would have given all of it to save his cousin, and then we would not have enough to pay our employees or to take care of his expenses. I'm sure he wishes he had enough to pay it all off, but he doesn't. The taliban does this daily, then lowers the price until they can negotiate a price that the family can afford. This is how they get funding.
    Yesterday my Dr. told me to go to the hospital, because these kidney stone attacks came back 5 days ago and I just have put up with them for 5 days...but I got a strong feeling not to go. Today my husband said that if I was in the hospital, and he had to worry about me and about his cousin, he would be a basket case worse than he already is. Wow, I never dreamed I would be in love with someone who would be in the center of all this war garbage! I had a life long phobia of war since I can remember. Even at 3, when planes flew over our house, I would duck and cover my head as if we were going to be bombed. Now where did THAT fear come from? And now war is in my daily life, through him, and through the papers we have to translate for the UK gov't. with horror stories about what the Taliban are doing to their own brothers and neighbors! Lately the crimes are one more cruel than the one before, evil crimes that would make you vomit to hear about them. Crimes that no human could think of, only Taliban possessed by evil spirits could think of such things. Gosh, no wonder my health isn't great, since lupus is made worse by stress. But I can't stop my love for my husband or cut him off from my life.
    Those of you who would like to pray for my husband's 8 year old cousin, just pray for the Wahab family, this will affect everyone who is suffering including the family and the boy. Thank you in advance.
     Welcome to the last days. The scriptures say that this war in the Gaza strip will last 22 months, so if that comes true, we know we are only a few years away from the Lord's return.  
just me.


Hello :)

I am deeply touched by your post.

The courage you have, the strength of will you exhibit and the fortitude you display is amazing and unbelievable.

You are an inspiration and a shining example to people who moan and groan over trivial things of life which is of no consequence at all.

You husband is a wonderful man who is prepared to withstand so much stress and strain not for himself but for others. How many people in this world will be prepared to make such sacrifice.? Amazing!

I will surely pray not only for Wahab family but also for your husband and especialy for you, brave heart.

May God bless you abundantly and shower upon you all the graces you need to cope with your trials and tribulations.

Amen, and God is always guiding us in ways that are only understood later...that is so reassuring, especially at times when it feels like that is all we can count on.
Loving prayers and healing wishes to you and all your family!

THANK YOU VERY GRACIOUSLY Joseph! I tried and tried to get this comment box to finally work so I could respond to your comment, and finally it worked! I actually do too much complaining and venting, but I'm glad you caught a post that was not filled with all the usual complaints. I think that knowing which problems "are of not consequence" comes with age and experience. The younger you are, the smallest problems seem so intense, because the child or young adult has never dealt with it before, but as we deal with more and more serious situations, we realize that all things work out in the end, and we mellow out, and tend to know which things really do matter in eternity, and which ones do not matter. So nice to sort of meet you! I'll come visit your blog now.
Bless you

Hi Shiela,
Yes, I will pray for the immediate release of your husband's cousin and for your immediate reunion with your husband plus your complete healing and deliverance and those of your mother and brother too. This I pray heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen. I hope you are fine now Shiela. God bless you all always.

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