Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Kidnapped boy returned safely!

Thank you ALL for your prayers! My husband's 8 year old cousin was finally returned to the family at a price of $10,000 instead of what they were originally asking. I made a mistake I think in the earlier post. They were asking $100,000, but in that country, it's 1 million Rupees. We were scared about how he would be treated, but when he got home, he said they were very good to him. They asked him to call them "uncle", and played with him, and when he got a fever they called a Dr. (probably not out of goodness, but to keep the boy alive for the ransom, I'm sure). The boy said he was not scared at all, so it's a blessing that the Taliban did not traumatize him.  His uncle was kidnapped about 6 months ago, and they only got $1000 US for him, so unfortunately, now they see they can get 10x as much for a child than for an adult, so they will be kidnapping more children. They have burned all of the girls schools, and now have decided to close all the boys schools as well. They don't make sense! They punish people for doing anything that is even slightly "non-Islamic", but the Taliban themselves are the most un-Islamic of all! I hope people will soon understand that very few Muslims are like the Taliban. I compare them to the Christian cults, where 1 man starts a little community of about 50 people and becomes their "prophet" and makes up his own rules, and they give all they own to this man and live in a commune together. Well that' what the Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups are like. They are SO opposite of what their religion teaches, and all live in communes with 1 leader.
   When I am on the phone with my husband, I hear the mortars and machine guns in the background. He is so calm and brave. I just shake to even think of it. I just want him home so I don't have to think about his safety every moment, but another side of me is so afraid of putting him through the hard life it is to be married to a sick wife. Which life is worse? Oh well, I guess we will all have strife in our lives, and if we are meant to be together, that is meant to be his path, in order to learn certain things from living with a sick wife. I don't know how soon I can learn to stop beating myself up for each time that he will need my help and I might be too sick to help him right then, or for making his life hard. End of March we will get to talk to a judge to see if he can come to our family due to our hardship.
    I'm still having blog problems, can't see anything but the blog words,. No title, no pics, and nothing in the right panel.
    OH YEAH! DID I TELL YOU I WIRED MY HOUSE SO ALL THE COMPUTERS ARE WIRELESS? I SURPRISED MYSELF BY DOING THAT ALONE! Why do they call it wireless? There are just as many wires. They are just not connected to the computers, so I can move the computers anywhere in the house, and take the laptop to the patio or back yard if I want.


Sheila--It's wonderful news that the kidnapping is over, and the child is safe!

The blog looks great! Don't worry.

If you beat yourself up even once for being a "burden", you are being very unfair. Give your husband credit for being able to deal with his hardships--and if you put guilt on yourself, then he will have to deal with that too...
So stop! He would not want that, and you would not either if you were him.

Just reminding you that we care...and love you.

Hello Sheila :)

I am thrilled to hear the good news. God is great and merciful.

Your insight into Taliban operations makes me feel very angry at their wicked ways. They will surely be punished if not in this life, then definitely in the next. They are misusing their religion for extortion and jihad. Very despicable.

They treated the child well to serve their own interests. The child was not perturbed because he is too small to understand what is happening.

These terrorists are a menace to the society and concerted efforts mus be made by all countries to nab them and put them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately there are countries like Pakistan which are funding, training, providing safe hiding places for the terrorists and helping them to attack other nations. This is a very distressing.

I don't think you have to mortify yourself so much. Kindly leave everyting to God and trust in Him. He will solve all problems.

My prayers are with you and your family. Don't worry and criticize yourself unnecessarily. There are certain things over which we have no control. I firmly believe that every thing happens for good and God has His own plan for everyone.

My best wishes and my sincere prayers :)

Hi Shiela,
Praise the Lord that no harm was done to your husband's young cousin but I still rue the loss of $ 10,000. from the family of your husband's cousin. That amount could have helped so much to your husband and to the family of his young cousin. Anyway, the Talibans, the Al Qaeda, and other Muslim extremists have no conscience at all. They are willing to harm anybody in the furtherance of their lost cause. I pray to the Lord that you will be reunited to your husband and you finally get healed so that you can enjoy each other's company when he comes home to you in Canada. This is my urgent prayer Father-God, in the name of Jesus, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen. God bless you always my dear sister and friend.

I'm impressed... That you were able to get all the wireless things working... Yay... I would probably have to have my son come help me, if they ever get anything out here in the boonies besides dial up!!!

Your blog looks wonderful...

I'm so happy the young boy was released and returned home safe...

Hi Sheila!
Thanks God that your husband 's cousin finally returned to family.

If only we could stop wars and ills
our life would be perfect.

Did you know Gerson's Therapy?
I strongly recommend you to watch film and read book. You can find about it on my previous posts.

God bless you, dear Sheila!

Hi Sheila :)

I am very happy to read that the little boy has been released without any harm for a ransom of $10,000 and in India it works out to a princely sum of Rs.5,00,000. Needless to say that Taliban is a cruel outfit and extorting money in the name of religion.

I am not surprised that they did not ill treat the little boy because of their selfish interests. Besides the boy is too small to understand the motive of the evil terrorists.

The Taliban is a terrorist organisation and they can thrive only if people are illiterate and backward. They treat women very badly like slaves.
I am pained to read that you are mortifying yourself too much. God will always find a solution to all your problems. PRAY TO HIM. TRUST IN HIM.

My prayers and best wishes are always with you and your family.

Praise the Lord that the cousin of your husband was finally released although after a payment of $ 10,000. May the Lord deal with the kidnappers ever so severely and hand them their just dessert. I am still praying for your eventual healing and deliverance and your eventual reunion with your husband. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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