Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Life is good in spite of it all.

Despite many trips to the hospital,they could not find out what was making me have so much pain and feel so weak that I felt 90% dead. Finally the Lord inspired me to contact the naturopath (natural Doctor) that I dealt with online 5 years ago who did such a complete exam that she has records of what every part of my body was doing at the time, and one of the biggest problems then was that my adrenal glands were not working well. Now they have completely failed. Adrenal exhaustion. Adrenaline is what gives your body the strength to do ANYTHING , including thinking, breathing, digesting food, moving, pumping your blood throughout your body. No wonder I felt 90% dead.

The Lord also sent me a new computer friend who has been through all of this. So the Lord knew that if I couldn't get medical help, HE would send help! What a feeling to know that He knows and loves us individually, and will send help right when things looks darkest. I have gotten onto a lot of different vitamins and natural medicines, and I can at least see some light and life ahead now.

I also learned that the modern medical world does not believe that you can have pain from your adrenal glands, and doesn't believe there are other problems that can happen with the adrenals other than Addison's disease. The holistic/naturopathic world know of at least 4 conditions with the adrenals and that affect every other gland and hormone/chemical in your body, that affects pituitary, thyroid, hypothyroid, everything! Yet the treatment the modern medicine doctors offer for adrenal exhaustion is very dangerous.

Through the naturopathic Dr, online study, and this new friend who has been through this same illness, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me which of the many suggested supplements would help me to heal. HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN! I wish the medical world would work together with natural medicine more. If I had not decided to go to the naturopath, I would have died within a few months.

So even though I may be doubled up with ER severe type pain 24/7, and too weak to do anything but get to the bathroom, and not even enough energy to work for more than an hour on the computer per day, no energy to sit up...even though I know it will be this way for many more months...life is good, because I know God knows me and cares and will send help. Despite all that I have lost, He still comforts me. I know things could be so much worse! I could have lost one of my senses. I could be homeless. I could be this sick and still need to take care of a family of children and a husband...but I don't have to do that. I feel terrible that I can't help my mother for a while. I keep praying the Lord will send her help like He sent ME help. The natural doctor said it will be months before I can even walk more than25 steps or so without passing out...because now I pass out when I sit up. How many other people are suffering with this and yet the doctors say nothing is wrong but they can't even sit up?? How blessed I am to have been sent help!

I have been getting reminders again and again from different spirit filled people and pastors that 2010 will be a year of healing and fulfillment for those who love the Lord. I was also told that the past 7 years have been years of toil and loss, fear and frustration, and that will now all change. When I mentioned this to Pia, she shockingly wrote back that it was 7 years ago that her traumatic emotional situation started!

It looks as though this might be the condition that finally made me bedridden 10 years ago, and if I have now found the remedies, and even if it takes 1 year to heal, THEN I WILL HAVE A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!

Life is not worth living without faith or hope or something to look forward to. Life is bearable and good if you DO have these things, and I thank the Lord so much for these gifts. See how powerful prayer is? What a blessing to have such spiritual, praying friends!

I want to share a new blogger with you. She just started on Jan. 1. A Different Kind Of Happy at http://differenthappyali.blogspot.com/. (Sorry, my html editor wouldn't let me make the title into a direct link.) We all need this lesson, that we have to accept our "lessons" and learn that there can be a different kind of happiness despite them.

Blessings, Sheila/Bluebirdy


That's a definite improvement from your situation from your last post. At least the Lord is sending you some help from unexpected sources. Maybe your condition will improve in this decade. Maybe, this is the decade of restoration. Maybe, just maybe, you and sis Pia will finally received your long hoped for answers to your prayers. I hope and pray that it will be so. Thanks for the very positive post. God bless you always.

Praying that God's cloud may cover you and your Mom and give you a sense of His love surrounding you, penetrating every pore to give you healing and comfort and rest.

I sn't it wonderful gow God sends other Christians in out lives just at the right time His timing is ALEAYS perfect

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