Friday, 20 February 2009

More Pouring Rain (symbolically)

Hi Friends;

My family would appreciate your prayers. My mother is in the hospital in serious condition, I've been spending as many hours there as possible but that is not much. I come home sick enough to need the hospital myself, and just crash. Trying to pace myself so I can get there each day, beacuse I have always ended up too sick to visit her after day 3 when she was in the hospital before.I have no strength to do ANYTHING else, I even forget to eat other things that need doing in the house. This blog is the only emailing I'll be doing, so if you wrote to me and don't get a reply for a while, this is why.

Mom's bowel is blocked so badly that they fear it might burst, which would mean emergency surgery, which could mean death. They also have been giving her high blood pressure medicine but her blood pressure is so high that they fear she may have a stroke. I watched them take blood from her arm, and the blood made a clot even as they poured the blood from one container to another, so if she gets a clot in the hospital with that high blood pressure, she could die or be left an invalid.

I usually am not this afraid for her, she is so tough she has come through so much, but it seems a bit ironic that this illness happens just 1 month before I find out if I can get my husband here or not. I can't help wondering if the Lord was waiting for both my parents to die before he let my husband and I be together. I would rather have my husband with me WHEN my mom passes! I really don't want to trade both my parents for my husband. I want my husband to know my mother so much. She is so smart and funny, and could teach him so much.

Yes I'm being selfish, she surely has suffered enough, and my Dad who passed 1 year ago probably thinks he's not in heaven until my Mom is there with him, but we don't EVER want to lose someone we love.

I barely had strength to get up to the hospital again, then we got a 3 inch snowstorm, so I prayed for help to get all the snow off the car and have enough strength to walk the 1-2 kilometers from the parking lot to my Mom's hospital room. The Lord DID give me the strength, but I was so worried, I forgot to eat (I'm diabetic so that's dangerous) and forgot my morning meds, so I got sick and had to leave early. On the way home, my car broke, and I had tools in the trunk, so I prayed to know how to fix it, and it was amazing that I was just led, shown what to do in order to remove a part, then I called my brother on the cell phone who went to get the new part, and I put it back on! All this in the snow and cold, so I have a froggy voice, but wow the Lord carried me today!

I still have not heard from my new lawyer, and the days are quickly ticking by, so I may be preparing a funeral and legal case at the same time. What a mess.

Well it would be nice if the Lord could arrange for my husband to get here ASAP if Mom is going to pass away, but I don't want to go through 4 months alone dealing with all the estate planning etc. I wish I had a companion here with me if and when that happens.

Well, enough said. Thank you in advance for your prayers.



Praying real hard, for both of you...and big big hugs for you, Sheila--you are always amazing!
God will find a way to get you through this, too, I am sure. Your story shows this. We never know how, though, until it happens...

my dear sis sheila i will be praying that god send ur husband to you very quickly in this time of need and i will pray that god touches ur moms body and his will is done. i will pray that god touches your body and gives you strength and healing. that he will cover you in his love and comfort. god bless you my dear freind and sis all my lvoe and prayers. sheila e

I came via Firebird's blog!
I just checked the link of blog's she follows.

Prayers offerd up!
Be strong!


You know you are so often in my thoughts. I wish I lived closer to you so I could give you a great big hug when life just overwhelms you.
I will say extra prayers for your mom that she gets through her medical problems and gets to meet your husband.
You must remember to put some snacks in your purse when you leave home so you can at least have a little something in your stomach. You must take care of yourself in order for you to take care of your mom.
Hugz and love,

Hi Sheila :)

I feel distraught hearing the difficulties you are going through.

May God give you the strength and courage to overcome all your problems without delay. May God help your mom to recover from her illness and live a long healthy life. May God bring your husband speedily to you in this time of stress and need.

My prayers are with you and your family Sheila.

God bless you and your family!

Dear Sheila :)

I am distraught and overwhelmed at the difficulties and the problems you are facing.

I pray to God, Almighty, to solve all your problems, restore your mother back to health, bring your husband back home without delay.

God, most merciful, will surely hear our prayers.

Don't lose your hope, courage and faith. God will surely solve all your difficulties very soon.

God bless you and your family.

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