Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Butterfly Symbol

Coincidentally, both the Lupus Society and the Fibromyalgia Association use the butterfly as their symbol, and I have them both. The Lupus Society uses it because of the butterfly rash that most Lupus patients get on their face, and I'm not sure why the Fibromyalgia Association uses it, but I have my own theory. The quote that I have written under this amazing picture of hundreds of Amazon blue butterflies on a tree, can symbolize how we think our life is over, that we think everything has ended; when in reality, our bodies have just entered a cocoon mode, where we must be still, and acknowledge and seek God's help; and it's a learning, growing, healing and changing period. A time for separating yourself from the world more often, and getting closer to God. We may no longer be able to do the things that we could do as a caterpillar, but there are new things we can do while in the cocoon, and even more we can do as a butterfly, which I consider to be the days we feel better and can reach out to others, or write or paint or express ourselves in new ways. We can share wisdom, spirituality, empathy, compassion with others that we learned while in the cocoon, and we will find our spirit and personality have changed from a lowly caterpillar, to a butterfly whose spirit can soar, with the methods we have learned to comfort ourselves and others. Some use faith, some use meditation, some use positive thinking, some use other things or a combination of things, but being ill can bring blessings and lessons
that we can never get or learn in any other way. These lessons may not come automatically. It takes study, prayer, learning from others who have been in the same situation, and patience. In spite of the overwhelming frustration we bear now, we can learn more valuable lessons than those who have never dealt with chronic pain. Wisdom we can take with us into the next world.
Blessings, Bluebirdy


Hello Sheila. This is beautiful and I agree with you. Im so glad I came here today and be able to read this entry. It gave me inspiration and insight... I have my RA flare-up today on my right knee. I havent have this kind of pain for quite sometime. The pain is tolerable but it really made me feel down this morning. It made me cry. It remind me how powerless I am without Him. You're right, I was like butterfly inside a cocoon that can't do the things I used to do. I am still learning. And it always brings me closer to GOD because I have to depend on Him and lift everything to Him.

I guess everytime I have pain, it is still a learning process for me. And it's a struggle too. A struggle to apply all the things I have learned when I'm in pain.

Hi Sheila Lu; The Lord does the same thing for me as He did for you. When I am most discouraged and at my lowest, He guides me to a website that has a message that seems just for me, or He gets someone to send an email that is exactly what I have been praying about. He knows us and our pain, and He is willing to comfort and help us, if we are willing to listen to that still small voice inside leading us what to do, where to go, and what messages might be there for us. It means so much to me that my article helped even one person! It gives me a purpose to keep living.

wow.....wow ....wow

I believe that your aricles helped many persons. Always when I come here... I feel much better than before. And when I started reading your posts I'd like to stay here for a long time.
This pic is samazing and your post
is very thoughtful and inspiring.

Thank you dear Shela!

DEAR Krystyna;

About your three comments, yes you can link to my blog and put it on your blog. Your kind comments about my words making you feel better meant so much to me today. I had a very bad experience yesterday with some people judging me and twisting my words and insulting me horribly, and it made me want to never write or say anything ever again, which would make me want to die, because that is the only reason I am still alive, to reach people through the internet and through my thoughts and words. YOU have made me feel better than I made you feel. Satan was trying to destroy me, and he used people who say they are very Christ-like people to insult me, which hurt even worse. I got enough courage to tell them that they are not Christ-like,not teachable, not humble, not holy, even if they act holier than everyone else, because Jesus would not say such things to me, and even Jesus would not have judged me the way they have. In the upper right hand corner of my blog is a statement about judging others because judging hurts people, is narrow minded, and it's the Lord's job, not ours. We were told to love one another whether we understand them or not. It seems like the more strict the person is in their religion, no matter what religion that is, the faster they get angry at anyone who is different. People are afraid of what is different, and my life is VERY different. The Lord has had me walk a very different path than most people, so they just don't understand it. I still love and obey the Lord on this path, but it is unusual and scary, so I guess I will have just a few close friends, and I will not worry about what my acquaintances say, because they don't know about my relationship with my savior.
Thanks dear friend. You are an angel.

Hi Bluebirdy
This is very beautiful you have captured both illness in a very enlightening way and I thank you.
My lupus has been in remission since 1994 but I'm struggling with fibromyalgia. This is not my only illness right now I have graves and had my thyroid ablivaited have glaucoma, neuropathy and last year in the hospital with ischemic colitits and diverticulosis. People around you think it's all in your head but for some reason God has chosen me to go thru all of these things for a reason. Sometimes it's very hard to keep going but I have to for me and my family.
I would love to have a copy of your blog to put with our webpage for the lupus walk in Phoenix, AZ.

Dear Purplelotus;
This may be too late of a reply, if so, I'm so sorry. I have many health problems like you do. I think once your immune system starts to over-react, it attacks many different organs, such the illnesses you mentioned. If it's not too late to include my post in your newsletter, you are welcome to do so if you include my name as author. (Sheila Wall). Thank you for your kind comments. I am so happy to hear about your lupus being in remission. Just recently I have found supplements to make my fibro go into remission about 80%, but my lupus is over compensating for that fibro remission so I'm not able to appreciate it and take advantage of it very well because I'm so sick with other symptoms.
Bless you for helping with the lupus walk. I am hoping for another treatment or cure SOON !
Blessings, Sheila/Bluebirdy
In case you get this by email, the post you questioned me about is at http://bluebirdyliving.blogspot.com/2008/07/butterfly-symbol.html

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