Friday, 26 September 2008

PAIN! and finally, a GOOD hospital experience!

Photo by Jason Smith

I ended up in the E.R. again day before yesterday. I waited in pain in bed for a week, not wanting to deal with the abuse AGAIN...but finally the pain got too much and I went. It was such a good experience, it was a shock! Seems that so many things are turning around for me. New Dr,. found a remedy for fibro, maybe I'll find other remedies, a good hospital experience, knowing my husband is being protected no matter what. (And right now he has no utilities and no way to get out of that town to a place that DOES have utilities, so chaos will soon break out in that town, which I know he will be protected through, but so sad that he has to go through all of this.

On Wednesday I was treated so well it shocked me. I got in quickly, was seen quickly, given a good dose of medicine without the interrogation, and got out of there quickly. I think one reason is because my heart rate was so fast it scared them. The nurse said "Can your heart rate really be that fast?" I said "When my pain is this bad, it can be. My heart has stopped from this pain before." I have only had about 3 visits that good in 15 years. There were also signs on the walls that said "This hospital is an abuse and harassment free zone." So I wonder if finally that hospital was reported so many times that they got in trouble and had to start staff seminars about how to treat patients or something. Maybe because of the publicity of the man dying a few days ago in the E.R. waiting room after waiting 34 hours and not getting treatment, really put other E.R.s on their toes to really help people not go through that. The waiting room was almost empty, so maybe that story also scared a lot of people into staying home if they thought they would have to wait.

Some things are better since I started taking D-ribose. life is better since I found D-ribose. Life is brighter, more enjoyable. stress and pain are easier to bear. It seems to have helped my depression, diabetes, heart problems and fibromyalgia pain and fatigue...but unfortunately other health problems got worse because of overdoing and due to weather changes. The picture at the top just seemed so much like how I feel.

Lupus is such a horrendous disease. So little research is being done on it, and there are only 3-4 treatment options, all more dangerous than the disease, so we choose to just have each symptom treated as it occurs.

It is more painful than most cancer cases, lasts much longer, yet we are expected to carry on and keep our lives going,and to smile and not show our pain, and we very rarely are offered pain relief because of the fear of addiction. Doctors still don't realize that there is a difference between addiction and dependence, and that its very rare for a person with chronic severe pain to get addicted. Their body gets dependent on those meds, but not addicted. There is a scripture that says something like "There will be scourges where people will pray for death to take them, but death will not come." There are sure a lot of diseases that have developed in the past 15 years or so that fit that scripture, and lupus is one of them. The other day was Mom's 76th birthday, and i thought how very strong she is to go through this pain for so many years, and I can't imagine going through that pain for another 40+ years! I guess we do what we think we can't, one hour and one day at a time.

They named Trigeminal Neuralgia right when they named it the suicide disease. It truly is among the most painful things a human can bear, and I laid here for a week, choosing to suffer with that pain and try to wait for it to pass, rather than get more abuse from the E.R. I went to the clinic to see my new Dr. hoping she would be able to give me a pain shot, but she said they don't give pain shots in the clinics in town anymore, so I would STILL have to face the E.R. I found a support group for people who have been abused by medical staff, and I think I will joined it. It has really affected parts of my personality to not be able to avoid being abused again and again. It shows that it is happening A LOT if there is a world wide support group for it.

Got to quit for now. the pain is too much again. I have most of my readers in my prayer journal and I am praying for you.




A rainbow after the storm.
I wish you more rainbows, Bluebirdy.

It pains my heart to read that inspite of the severe pain you are suffering from, you can become a victim of abuse from uncaring medical staff. I pray to the lord that He takes care of you and take away all those persistent pains. I could never understand these kind of suffering but I trust the Lord that He is doing what is best for all His children. I pray that God would comfort you in your moments of pain and He grants you sufficient grace to bear them all. You are always in my prayers my sister, friend and guardian angel. Whatever happens, you are assured of the most beautiful mansion in God's kingdom when we all have gone to our Father's house. Thanks for the painful post. God bless you always my dear sister, friend and guardian angel.

Hello Dear Bluebirdy,
I cannot imagine pain so bad it stops your heart. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope that comfort and ease find you soon, you are in my prayers.

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