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I'm SO frustrated! Every time I leave Mom, something stupid/negligent happens. I can't stay with her 24/7. I'm so sick now that I saw her for 1 hour after 2 days away. This time, even if I had been there, I could not have gone with her to this test, where the incident happened. They took Mom for heart tests and ultrasound, then instead of taking her back to her room, the put her out in the hall. At 4:00, all that section of the hospital closes down. No one was around. Mom thinks she was there for about 3 hours. Finally a drunk lady came by, probably not knowing where she was going, but I'm thankful that God sent her. Mom yelled out "Hey, can you help me?" The lady came over and Mom said "Can you please go find someone that works at the hospital? I've been laying here for hours." The lady said she'd be right back. Mom was worried again because drunk people have a short attention span, and she might forget about Mom. Mom had now been without her meds for 4 hours, and really suffering. Someone from the hospital came back and she explained what room she is in and how she got abandoned. The staff member took her back to her room, and the head nurse comes in and swears at Mom, saying "Where the hell were you? We even took your name off the computer, thinking you had gone home on your own!" Mom said "I was lost! How could I go home with a PIC line (central IV line that goes directly into the heart" and a number of IVs, and not even ability to sit or walk for very long?" So the head nurse said that she had to move Mom to another room, because she already moved her belongings out of her room! They got her back into the system. My brother was sitting waiting or hours by her bed. Didn't anyone see a visitor and an empty bed and wonder if something was not right? They must have moved her stuff out of the room before my brother visited. Mom explained that she needed her own linen, because she's allergic to the polyester hospital sheets. The head nurse said "YOU ARE A LIAR!" Mom said "look in my records. It says so there, and it says so on the white board at the head of my bed. Then she brought some oral medicine for Mom and went to the tap to get her some water. Mom said "I have bottled water, because I'm allergic to the chlorine in tap water." Again that head nurse said "YOU are SUCH a liar!!" Have you ever noticed that people who lie a lot assume everyone else is lying, but those who don't think about lying, are pretty trusting of others, up to a certain point.

I still feel the Lord comforting me and strengthening me. I feel like my brother and I are being attacked by the evil one hourly. Its just too much to be coincidence to see so many things go wrong each hour with every small task we try. But I know the Lord is stronger than Satan. My brother doesn't know the Lord, and he is such a terrible emotional state. He has heard my parents speak of the Lord every day, never forgetting to make a life learning lesson from the small things in life, but he has never been able to be spiritual. When I see his torment and suicidal tendencies, I imagine I would be in his same condition without knowing my Savior. I do keep praying for him and sharing the gospel with him and trying to comfort him.

Then they got her into the new room, and physiotherapy lady came by to take her for a short walk. She explained that she had just had the most difficult afternoon, and was lost for hours, and got no meds, and there was no way she could get up and walk right then." The physiotherapist was nice enough about it. When she gets out, I will be sending a report of all this craziness to the administration. That head nurse was doing a lot of things to just be spiteful to Mom last night, and we don't want her to be worse to Mom, so we won't report it now.

Good news is that she is down to 3 IV drips and one tube coming out of her body, and is on oral meds for some of the IV meds. The only thing we fear now, is that if her bowel is not working and not digesting, the oral pills won't digest and won't work, then she'll be in terrible pain.

I'm struggling. Lupus has decided to attack my central nervous system, causing the exact symptoms of M.S. (http://tinyurl.com/3lc83fx) Adding that to my other illnesses really makes me amazed how many things can be wrong with a body, but they still live on. Still recovering from that heart attack 3 weeks ago too. I need help really badly. Looking for someone honest and compassionate who won't charge $25 an hour.

My brother is so very frustrated, he is suicidal. I talk to him, but told him that maybe the suicide hot line would know better what to say. He said he called them once, they won't talk to you unless you give your name and address before you start talking, like they are coming to get you and put you in the mental ward or something. So he didn't call them again. It has really made me wonder if all 3 of us will leave this earth within a short time.

I am getting such wonderful emails and love and support from so many of you, and I thank you so much! There are so many more frustrating, heartbreaking things going on that I don't even want to discuss here, but friends like you are like angels, who help you fly when your wings are broken. I don't have much, so my friends are my most precious possession.

(Personal note to self, cuz I forget so much. Beryl, Burl)




i can't imagine a nurse here blurting out to a patient, "you are such a liar" that's a no-no in here and i think it is too for the rest of asia. if a nurse or even a doctor would make a comment like that, he or she might be slapped on the face. i would slap them myself. seriously.

sheila, you stay strong for your mom and yourself. remember, God is with you. hang in there, sis.

Dear Sheila, this is shocking. I never knew they would do that in Canada. What an awful time your mother would have had and your poor brother who is not very stable himself.

Some nurses are very uncaring here too. But mostly with poor un-educated people in govt. hospitals.

The Catholic an d oher hospitals we go to everyone is treated with kindness and respect.

Some patients need an attendent 24/7 here too specially in the Intensive cazre and private rooms, The private rooms have a bed, chair an d table for the attendent, the Intensive care has a hall where you can sit out.

The general wards have a tougher time.

Pia is right , if the patient wa s treated this way the family would have created a ruckus here and exposed everything in the media

Thanks Pia and Amrita. I guess government run medical care is different in many ways, and not always good ways. I think the nurse calling Mom a liar was the least of the problems that day. Losing her in the basement of the hospital, and then taking her name out of the hospital system before looking for her is insane! My brother was sitting in her room! Why wouldn't that nurse ask my brother why he was there? It just seems like something happening every day now. I want to be superwoman and stay with her 24/7, but it's not allowed. Even in a private room. A friend from So. America wrote to ma and said if a nurse did that in S. America. the family would be chasing down the nurse for blood. she'd have to hide for her life. he treatment in the USA is almost as bad, and that's not gov't run, so I don't know what to think. Maybe this nurse is burned out and having PMS. ((hugs)) to both of you, my dear friends.

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