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To see today's update, scroll down to the post after this one. This is for those interested in what hospital policies were changed.

Here are the frightening new hospital policies my Dr. told me about. I know it is in B.C. and Alberta, not sure how if this is a federal policy or not. The surgeon had no idea about them, so I guess it's quite new. It seems like a bad science fiction script from a cruel civilization. Even third world countries don't do this. Even prisoners get better medical care than these new policies!!

1) You need to have a witness or advocate (visitor or family or friend) with you at all times while in the hospital, or you will be ignored. There are not enough nurses. If someone is there with you, the nurses will show up so the "witness" won't complain about neglect. Those who are alone get sicker from neglect. When you can't be there after visiting hours, which is 16 hours a day, you don't know if your loved one is getting what they need.
Most other countries supply a place for a family member to stay with the loved one in the same room. In this hospital, there is a small space for ONE chair. It's ridiculously tight. I wanted to stay all night, Mom is in a private room. She asked me to stay, so I wasn't bothering her. I was in the chair, and quiet, so I wasn't bothering nurses or other patients, but I couldn't talk them into it.

2) Your family Dr. (General Practitioner or specialist) can't be your Dr. in the hospital. If you go to the Dr. and he says "YOU need to be in the hospital" he can't arrange it. He has to send you to the E.R. and if the E.R. Dr. is in a hurry, and he doesn't know your history, he will NOT talk to your family Dr. He will make his own decisions, and if he thinks you don't need the hospital, you go home to get worse. You can't even get a home nurse unless that hospital Dr. says so. Hospital doctors are called "hospitalists, (as in "hospital specialists.") If you are admitted, you get assigned to a hospitalist. My Dr. said that a hospitalist has NEVER consulted with her on a patient's history, medications, or why she thought the patient needed admitting.

3) Then the next part is that if the Dr. puts you in the hospital, he can only treat you for the problem that sent you to the E.R. So if that problem is dehydration, there's a high chance that he will not give you ANY of the other medicines that you have been on for years, like heart medicine, stomach meds, anti-depressants, etc. Going without those meds can be dangerous, even deadly. That Dr. decides what you get or don't get and won't even talk to your family Dr. There is no continuity of care this way. While you are in the hospital being treated for one thing, you are developing other conditions from missing your other medications.

Another example of neglect:
In 2007, my heart specialist Dr. decided I needed a pacemaker. He submitted papers to get it approved, and the night before my Dr. appt., his nurse called me from home. She said that her calling me was against the rules, but that she had just been so shocked and upset about the letter that came in reply to my request for a pacemaker, that she was quitting anyway. She said that when I come in the next day, the Dr. will give me about 3 minutes time and tell me that I can't get a pacemaker, or maybe he will say he was mistaken and I don't need a pacemaker. The nurse said that the letter said "In order to keep the medical system afloat, it is often necessary to decline expensive treatments to those who are not contributing members of society." I'm on disability, but I am a contributing member of the WORLD'S society in other ways. I went to the appointment the next day, and he was eager to get me out, as the nurse said. He told me that he was mistaken, that I don't need a pacemaker. I said, "How can that be? You sat with me and showed me every test, and explained why the tests clearly showed I need a pacemaker. What changed?" He said, "You just don't need a pacemaker." I said, "So how was I miraculously cured of heart failure in 1 week?" He left the office saying "There's nothing more I can do for you." It was just as the nurse predicted.

The previous night, the nurse on the phone was crying, saying that now she understands why patients were allowed to die when there was an easy remedy. I have talked to about 5 people since then who believe their relatives were neglected or getting worse under the direction of the Dr., with the plan of accelerating their death, because they were too expensive for the system. I talked to my 80 year old Aunt who was a nurse. She said that type of thing has always gone on, like starving a very deformed newborn to death so it won't be a drain on the system all its life. When they saw someone very ill who had no visitors, they decided he had no support system in this life, so they also neglect those people so they won't be a drain on the system. So maybe this has always gone on, but now much more often and its not a secret anymore, it is written into the policies.
I'm sure Doctors are so frustrated, being told from above that they can't offer this or that treatment that a patient needs.
Since my Mom got supplemental insurance, she has been treated much better, so it seems more than coincidence that she was neglected so much before, but now that gov't health care isn't paying the bill, she is getting amazing help and attention. All Canadians can get this very cheap supplemental insurance, which has benefits on it that I have never seen on any insurance plan that I had while living in the states. go to
www.GMS.ca .
It truly seems as if the gov't goal is to cut costs, save money; to get rid of the sickest who are costing the gov't the most money.
Americans are afraid this type of medical care will happen with Obama care. I don't think it will happen. Obama made those laws to take effect in 2013, because he probably won't be president then, so he won't have to deal with it. The new president will have to, but he might just scrap the whole idea. If Obamacare would copy the best medical systems in the world, such as France and Denmark, it would be much better than copying Canada, UK and Australia.
Love from very tired Sheila


Sheila, you amaze me as usual--pulling through so many trials and hardships--it is an inspiration to hear your story! Many hugs and prayers are flying to you on angels wings...and lots of love--you are blessed even in your darkest hours.
What you describe about your hospital system is quite upsetting--we shall have to wait and see how it turns out here in 2012--but if more people are covered for medical care than at present, this will be an improvement.

Just wanted to say--the comment moderation says "shines"--
as you do, my dear friend!

Thanks so much Vivian. Every bit of encouragement strengthens me a bit. Yes, I like Obama's first law that went into effect that says insurance companies MUST take people with pre-existing conditions, and can't put a limit on what can be spent on them. That's a good step. Sending you an email.

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