Thursday, 16 June 2011


I remember a few years ago, a TV evangelist mentioned that his most common phrase he whispered under his breath is LGMS! LGMS! His son heard him and asked what is LGMS? The preacher said "Lord Give Me Strength!" So that has been my mantra today, but also LGMP- Lord Give Me Patience. It's always something, when it rains it pours.

Today a Dr. that Mom doesn't even know, has never seen, has no connection with, stopped her nausea medicine. She has had constant nausea for years due to gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach). It is almost as if he picked up the wrong chart, instead of his own patient's chart, and stopped the nausea medicine. So she was really suffering. It took me going through some very tough rude nurses, and I was asking as kindly as possible "Do you happen to know why some Dr. stopped Mom's nausea medicine? She even has it while at home, but it's worse since the surgery." I got told off good, like I had no right to advocate for my Mom, only she could ask that. So SHE asked the nurse, she got upset about that too. So I went out and found Mom's other nurse and said "Help, I need someone who will advocate for my Mom. Some Dr. has stopped Mom's nausea medicine. She even takes it at home, and her nausea is worse in here." The nurse was very kind and said she would find out what happened and would get her some nausea medicine somehow, ASAP. I thanked her so much.

In the USA we had "patient advocates" right in the hospital, that you could call on your phone, and they would come and help you negotiate with the staff over whatever problem is happening. We don't have that here in Canada.

The tests that Mom had before the hospital lost her showed some bad results, but they will not tell her what they found, like they usually do here. They are just giving her more tests, and I guess they will tell us when they know for sure what they are dealing with.

I know the Lord is carrying me, because this fatigue I feel is like "dead woman walking" type fatigue. Every small task I try to do gets messed up or I hurt myself or something goes wrong, which takes about 5x more of my strength. I got so mad I even cast out Satan from our lives and home today. So I hope that will help.

I have 13 pounds of water on me, which could be around my heart and lungs and that's what is making me inhumanly weak. Heart failure does make a person retain water. (Edema). Lupus makes water accumulate around the heart, making it harder to beat.

We talked to the home care team today. Mom was supposed to get a nurse when she goes home to help with the medical needs. We were told a nurse might come by weekly just to take her vitals. There are at least 5 medical procedures she will need each day, so I guess I'm on my own again unless I can change their minds tomorrow. The household help we need will come out of my own pocket, $25 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. I guess it will have to go on my credit card because I truly can barely move. Hopefully I'll find a person who charges less ASAP.

zzzzzzz falling asleep. Cya soon.



Oh my this is just ludicrous to me - can 't you ask a simple question on bahalf of your Mom. In India we don 't haver such rules. In fact the hospital has to keep the relativers to be informed - they can 't always communicate everything to a sick person/

Health care is very complicated there.

I hope you get the right meds for your water problem.

You 'll have to spend $50 pwer day. I so bad for you

Hi Amrita;
99% of the nurses are very kind and DO explain things to us. We have just gotten some very cruel, burned out, people haters in the past few days. I'm writing it all down so I can report to the hopital administration after Mom gets out. If I do it when she's in there, those nurses will really make life miserable for Mom. Today I can barely walk, so I am asking the Dear Lord for the ability to get to the hospital some time today.
It makes me pity people in long-term nursing homes. They are at the mercy of whichever nurse they get each day, and some might have been working 2 shift in a row and might be really miserable. Then there are women who get PMS each month. I think they need to take those days off. lol.
It takes up to 3 months to get a Dr. appt. here, so whenever I go to the Dr. I go to the Dr., I make an appointment for the future. I might have to go to the E.R. to get some water pills. The health problems just keep piling up and keeping me down. I'll keep praying.
Amrita it means a lot to me that you care enough to comment. I appreciate you a lot.
Blessings, Sheila

Note to self, for when I report all this. "Sandra"

sheila, that's insane. i can't put two and two together why the nurses there are rude (not all of them of course) and why doctors there are so irresponsible (again, not all of them). i mean, we're talking about a life here not just something like "oops, sorry, i made a mistake" kind of thing. i don't get it. can you not bring your mom to that hospital again? it's insane! i worry for you and your mom.

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