Thursday, 5 March 2009

This week's Mantra

This week I just keep saying to myself :

ALL things, no matter how difficult. It's just very tough to get through the storm, but at the end of the storm will be a rainbow, and you can't have a rainbow unless you have the rain or storm first.

I am walking around like a zombie, I just go to the hospital, come home and crash and can't get up or function until the next morning when I get up and go back to the hospital again. Typing in my blog or answering 2 or 3 emails is the limit of what I can do. I got very dehydrated from not drinking enough these past few weeks, (that causes severe kidney pain for me), so I had to go to the E.R. today in order to get through sitting for 6 hours with Mom today. It seems like when no one is there, the nurses neglect Mom to the point that the IV fluids dry up and Mom doesn't get the medicines that were ordered for her etc. You really need an advocate when you are in this hospital. I hope someday I will have someone to do that for me. (Hopefully my husband). But now my family sees how sick I am after 6 hours of going out of the house, and they are saying I have no right to be married because I can't do everything a wife needs to do to make a successful marriage. Right now I don't even know if I will have the strength to get to court, but if the Lord does help me get there, I will need God to make my brain function, because I can barely think with this kind of pain and exhaustion. It looks as though they might send Mom home about the same time I need to be in another city for the court hearing, so I don't know what I am going to do for Mom if that happens.

Mom's pneumonia cleared up amazingly fast, and I know prayer did that. There is material in her bowel moving around the blockage, so it's not a total obstruction now, but the huge lump of body waste is still there on the x-rays, so they are not sure whether to keep her and try to keep dissolving it, or to operate, or to send her home since some things are moving in her bowel. If they send her home now, it will just be a matter of weeks before it's a total obstruction again, and I don't know how many times we both can go through this. She's so much stronger in every way than I am.

My brother goes up to sit with her for a few hours now which is a big help. He didn't do that until about 3 days ago. Hospitals bothered him too much but now he has gotten more used to it I guess. I probably already mentioned that my sister came from out of town and relieved me for a few days, but while I am typing this, I can't read the rest of my blog to see if I have mentioned it or not.

I am so thankful for the many generous, giving, spiritual hearts who help encourage and lift me.

Bless you all!


Hi Sheila!

I read your comment about Joseph that he posted on his blog, and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! from the bottom of my heart for being such a blessing to him.

You've been through such an incredibly difficult journey so far. Thank you for sharing about it so openly. You're a true treasure. I'm so glad you're walking hand in hand with your Creator. He will get you to where you're going safely, and for His glory.

Have a day full of happiness, sunshine, joy, and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. :)

Love in Christ,

wish you better days.
i can only pray.
not having a good time myself, but how can i complain when i see many many others in worse position. sigh.

Hi Sheila :)


I am glad to hear that your mom is improving and your brother and sister came to help you. I am sure they will do more and more if there is a need.

I am baffled why the nurses are so careless in taking care of your mum. It is their duty and they are paid for it. Is this a Govt. run hospital or an Army hospital?

Everything is possible with God and you have abundant faith and unshakable trust in His mercy. Everything will work out well.

I liked that photo in the previous post where a little girl is hanging upside down and you have written, Hanging in there! It brought a smile to may face :) It truly depicts your position. I am amazed at your extraordinary capability for humor even in the most trying circumstances.

God bless you Sheila and your family and solve all your problems without any further delay :)

Dearest Mel;
I think Joseph is a blessing to me, not me a blessing to him, but thanks for your kind words!

Misti--thanks so much for being my friend and for your patience with me.

Joseph, all Canadian hospitals except 2 illegal ones are government hospitals. Canada has socialized medicine.

My sister has a very difficult job in the government and works 7 days a week most of the time. We had to plan Dad's funeral around her schedule so she would not lose her job, because as an older woman, she would never find another job that pays enough to support her. She happened to have 2 days off, which she was supposed to babysit her granddaughter, so she was not going to come, then we were told Mom was having emergency surgery so I called and asked if she could skip the babysitting this time for Mom's sake. She will not have another day off until May, so she can't help. My brother lives here in the city so he goes to see Mom daily for an hour or so but that's all he can stand of hospitals...so that leaves me, because we have not been well enough to go out and make friends that are good enough to sit with Mom at the hospital. She did have 2 visitors and that helped, they acted as "witnesses" to make sure Mom got what she needed. I will approach the church to see if there are some compassionate ladies who might visit her just so the staff knows she will not be left alone for them to neglect. You are such a kind friend, thankyou for your comments.

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