Friday, 2 November 2007

Future of Hope to Heal All Our Diseases Ourselves!

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**Since my "death sentence" in July, I have been reading voraciously every book, website, DVD, newsletter, email group, chatroom I can about the alternative treatments, natural healing, that teach that we can learn to tap into our resources to heal our own bodies. Now here is more news from a modern medicine Dr. that approaches the same subject, from the physical angle, not just spiritual/energetic angle.
**Did any of you see Oprah yesterday? Wow what a show. Part 2 is on Monday the 5th of Nov. Dr. Oz and another Dr. said that people have forgotten the very basics of taking care of themselves, and that all "aging" is, is damage to your body, and he has used common sense to teach us how to heal all the damage in our bodies. He called it an anti-aging plan. Its 2 parts, so more on Monday. They started by saying that we could live to 100 + years old.
**Personally, I was thinking "I do NOT want to live to 100 in this kind of pain and helplessness", but then he went on and told how to get feeling so good physically AND mentally, so that you WILL want to live longer! Go to www.oprah.com to read more about Dr. Oz's show. When you see the title of their book 'You: Staying Young" click on it, and when you see the pic of the book, there are 3 headings under it. When you click on them, they gives info that was on the show and in the book.
**From the website:
**Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote a series of books. One is "You: The Owner's manual" they showed us how bodies work in general, and in YOU: On a Diet, they explained how bodies lose weight and stay fit; both books have sold in the millions. Now, in YOU: Staying Young, the doctors are going to talk to you about what happens as your body ages. As with their previous books, they've conducted tireless research and will introduce fascinating and crucial information in an unforgettable way.
Most people think of the aging of our bodies the same way we think of the aging of our cars: The older we get, it's inevitable that we're going to break down—it could be in just a few ways or it could be in dozens of ways. Most of us hold this notion that once we reach 40 or so, we begin the slow and steady decline of our minds, our eyes, our ears, our joints, our arteries, our libido, and every other system that affects the quality of life (and how long we live it).
**But according to Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz, that's a mistake. Aging isn't a decline of our systems. It's actually very purposeful. The very systems and biological processes that age us are actually designed to help us when we're a little bit younger. So what's our role as part of the aging population? To learn how those systems work, so we can reprogram them to work the way they did when we were younger. Your goal should be: Die young at any age. That means you live a high quality of life (with everything from working joints to working genitals) until the day you die. Because the doctors' real goal isn't just to make you live longer; it's to allow you to maintain vibrancy throughout your entire life. "
**Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen teach simple methods to take care of your body, that no one ever taught you. The older generations knew these things, but with modern medicine and broken families, parents stopped teaching these things, and the doctors stopped learning them or teaching them, because if everyone was healthy, the medical system would fall and cause the economy to collapse. Doctors would not have a job. The medical schools don't teach prevention and healthy living, they teach anatomy and pharmacy an surgery...so they can keep selling high price drugs/procedures to keep the economic system going.
** You can now get a new blood test called a biotest. It tests everything that's going on in your body including what diseases you might have a tendency to get (DNA testing), It tests what damage has been done in your body over the years, and Dr. Oz has very simple natural remedies of how to heal those damages. (I don't think a blood test can tell certain things like a damaged muscle or a torn cartilage or other things that are not associated with your blood.) It's not a common test yet, and costs $1400 to $3400, but its worth it because the results of your biotest will be given to you in a book about you, your chemistry, your body's weaknesses, damage, tendencies to get inherited diseases or those brought on by environment and diet and lifestyle; and simple ways to heal all of it. People were not this sick 100 years ago. Even back in Bible times, people were generally healthy and lived for hundreds of years with vibrancy. Oprah's site tells where you can get the blood test, too.
**He also said there are very few auto immune diseases like arthritis, lupus, fibro in India,(1.3 billion people) because of the turmeric/curcumin (part of turmeric) in their curry. Now Dr. Oz says that no one in India (over 1 billion people) gets Alzheimer's!!! This is also because of the turmeric/curcumin in their curry! My sister started taking it in tablets for her arthritis pain, she'll be happy to know it prevents Alzheimer's too! (Especially since our Dad has it.)
**I hope you will have a great day!! Try to catch part 2 of Oprah on Monday Nov 5. He even talks about cures/preventions for fatal diseases.


where does one get a bio test?
does ins. cover it?
i tried the oprah site and could not find info on bio test even through search box.
thanks for your site.
my email is:aamberamber@yahoo.com

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hi Amber;
What a coincidence that you commented on THAT post today, because just 2 days ago, that Oprah episode was replayed. (July 22)I would think that any good medical center such as the university medical centers and Mayo Clinic and hospitals of that high level woul offer biotests upon the prescription of a Dr. No, insurance doesn't cover it yet unless a Dr. writes and says this is the only test that might diagnose a problem you are having, then you must wait for approval or no approval. I am in Canada so I don't know all the details about U.S. locations or US insurance.
Best wishes,

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