Sunday, 9 March 2008

I want my sense of humor back!

ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO RECOVER YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR? I don't recognize myself anymore. So many years of having no one to talk to, and having constant pain has drained me of my sense of humor. In my first NDE, the spirit who was talking to me told me that I would one day become a wise woman of God. Up until that time, all I did was joke around. No one could get me to be serious. I was really annoying. I told the spirit that I'd better stay alive just to see how I could change that much, because I just didn't see how that could happen. In another NDE after my husband left, another spirit (I think it was a relative) asked me why I wasn't using my sense of humor to help me deal with that situation. I didn't even know how to reply. Laughter is spontaneous. If you're getting tickled, or hear/see something funny, you feel like laughing. If you aren't getting tickled and don't hear/see something funny, or don't feel good, you don't feel like laughing. I guess that's the next quality I have to keep working on and praying for. It sure would make like easier. When I am talking to people in the clinic or hospital or when the ladies from church come to visit, I am cheerful and funny, but as soon as I'm alone, nothing seems funny. I guess that's depression, which is a real disease, not just a bad attitude. I can't take prescription anti-depressants, so I will just have to work hard to overcome self-defeating thoughts. ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO RECOVER YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Just click "comments" below, and enter your suggestions.


Hi Bluebirdy,
It is really so hard to keep your sense of humor if you are sick and you feel constant pain. To a person in constant pain, the only reality is the pain he is experiencing. At any rate, to regain your sense of humor, you have to watch what little children do. They are funny in themselves. All creatures who are still babies are cute and funny. Have you seen a puppy play or a kitten play? They are so funny. Or how about small kids? They are also very funny in their own ways. You can watch America's Funniest video or Mr.Bean or any other wacky shows. PLease take care of yourself my dear friend. May the Lord take care of you always. God bless you all.

THANKS MEL!!! Great ideas! I do have a collection of funny movies and I forgot about them. I'm surprised that you get America's Funniest Videos in your country! Thanks for the great reminder. You are inspired so many times!

mel gave me your site and told me to pray for you. yes, i will pray for you. God is merciful and He is our healer. God bless you, bluebirdy.

No matter where you life is, bluebirdy, you are beautiful and full of wisdom and life. I appreciate you.

Hi BlueBirdy,

My team member and I were talking about your comment. Could you affirm your faith to us? I mean, do you believe in all religions or do you believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

This question rose after seeing your profile where you said you love "spiritually uplifting books from all religions".

I am contacting a friend of mine in Chennai whom I believe will visit your friend. But you'd have to give me the details of your friend- her name and address.

Faith in God heals the sick.

Btw, I was healed of cancer of the bone and muscles and thats how I came to know the Lord from the Hindu faith.



Dear Sidharth;
I see here is your profile page
But I can't figure out how to write to you! No email is there, and the yahoo contact in the upper left hand corner of your profile page did not work for me. I only know how to reach you by leaving a comment under your comment. Write to me at penlady5@shaw.ca .Then we can discuss this lady that needs healing from Cancer.

I have enjoyed both your comments to me. I was born again when I was 12. There were so many religions and I visited so many, and knew instinctively that since they were all so different, they could not all be right, so I went to my room and knelt down and asked God himself (See James 1:5) if He was really there, if he knew who I was, if Jesus was His son, and immediately I was overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling of peace and a vision of life beyond this earth. It is the overwhelming moment that no born-again Christian ever forgets, and is so profound it IS like being re-born. I have had a very close relationship to the Lord ever since. I stopped telling supposedly "spiritual' Christians about my near death experiences, because I would hear "Well why would YOU get this? Why don't I get these things?"...and other rude comments. I will no longer deny the power and miracles that will only become more plentiful as the last days progress. My heart has stopped more than 20 times and I have had near death experiences to the spirit world almost every time.
One of my callings in this world is to learn how people of other religions believe, so that I can explain the gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ (and peace and joy) to them in terms that they will understand. I am bedridden, and talk to people around the world. When I show interest in their religion, they will usually give me the time and respect to explain the way I believe also, and this has introduced a lot of people to the Lord. I think if I refused to listen to the beliefs of another person, they would not want to hear mine either. There is a saying: "No one really cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
Even if I was healthy and very rich, I could not reach as many people and tell them about the gospel as I do now. I even helped start a church in the middle of Siberia, Russia, and got to meet one of the members when she came to Canada!
In my near-death experiences, I was told that even though I didn't understand it, and didn't like it, that my illness has a very important purpose, so I will not be healed, but I will be given strength to endure it all; and that people would come to Christ just through my example.
I am going to pass on your former letter about being healed of cancer, and the link to the healing testimony to Elizabeth. She is already Christian, so that makes it easier. She is in Chennai but I don't know her address yet.
At the moment I have pneumonia and I am also trying to care for my terminally ill brother and mother, and my father died a few weeks ago, so I only have a few minutes of strength a day to get on the computer, so I won't send Elizabeth your letters today, but will as soon as possible. I am thrilled by your experience. I have heard so many stories lately of Jesus appearing to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists....it is just thrilling to live in these last days, so close to the resurrection!
Blessings to you Sidharth! Keep in touch.

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